Tuesday, 28 October 2014

!NEW! Behind the Scenes with the New Opel Corsa E, Karl Lagerfeld and Supermodel Choupette

  • Unique impressions of the production of the 2015 Opel Corsa Calendar
  • New Opel Corsa E and Birman cat Choupette photographed by Karl Lagerfeld

Opel gives an insight into the production of the 2015 Corsa calendar
It is the beginning of September when trucks from Rüsselsheim deliver a special freight to the Studio L’Olivier in the Parisian suburb Malakoff. Seven brand new Opel Corsas in various colors are ready for one of the most unusual photo shoots of the year. The well-established crew set up the lights, technology and the camera equipment, thus setting the stage for a very special day in the studio, the day when Karl Lagerfeld will photograph Opel’s new star, the new Corsa, along with his Birman cat Choupette Lagerfeld for the 2015 Corsa calendar.

The behind the scenes video made available by Opel gives an interesting insight into the preparation for the shooting and the shooting itself. During the course of the day, Lagerfeld and his cat let their eye for design wander over the Corsa and made sure that it was covered from all angles. The video, available on Opel’s YouTube channel, shows Choupette posing behind the steering wheel and exploring the car from the in and outside thus creating exceptional views of the new Corsa.

“Choupette is very professional. She is the first feline top model,” said Lagerfeld who was delighted with his model’s performance. Tina Müller, Opel’s Chief Marketing Officer, was also present for the shooting in Paris. “There was a very special atmosphere in the studio. Karl Lagerfeld and the entire set were fully concentrated, warm and unbelievably friendly. In addition, the beautiful Choupette posed like a true star. The behind the scenes videos gives unique and private insights into the creation this unusual calendar for an exceptional car.”

The reason for the shooting is the introduction of the new fifth generation Opel Corsa. The photographs taken in Paris will be used for the 2015 Opel Corsa calendar. They will be on show at a vernissage early next year.

Friday, 24 October 2014

!NEW! Opel and ADAC Extend Existing Partnership by Three Years

  • ADAC Opel Rallye Cup to be held until end of 2018
  • Promotion of talent in the ADAC Opel Rallye Junior Team systematically continued

Outstanding performances: Opel ADAM R2 has been impressive throughout the season
Opel and ADAC have already decided to continue their commitment to promoting young rallye drivers in Germany. The two companies agreed to extend their existing partnership by a further three years until the end of 2018, despite the current agreement being valid until the end of 2015. Therefore, the ADAC Opel Rallye Cup will be held until the end of 2018, giving all participants planning security. The ambitious and clear goal of the partners consists of two key elements. On the one hand, the ADAC Opel Rallye Cup needs to maintain and strengthen its position as the quantitative and qualitative strongest rallye series for talented drivers in Europe. On the other hand, the idea is to help the most talented juniors find their way into the European rallye elite via the ADAC Opel Rallye Junior Team.

Shooting stars: Marijan Griebel and Fabian Kreim registered all eight possible wins in their division in the Opel ADAM R2
“Motorsport is in our genes. The contract extension will prolong the concept for promoting talent with our partner ADAC. It has already proved to be coherent and efficient,” said Tina Müller, Vice President & CMO Opel Group. The Opel ADAM R2, that is currently used by the ADAC Opel Rallye Junior Team and competes in several national championships, has shown that it can hold its own against strong international competition. “We are proud and happy with the development of our Junior Team and will systematically continue this development,” added Müller.

Success rewarded: Opel will continue their backing of the ADAC Opel Rallye Junior Team
“The ADAC Opel Rallye Cup is a success story and the ADAC Opel Rallye Junior Team has fulfilled all expectations. Continuing our partnership with Opel and together promoting talents in German rallye sport is the logical step. We are delighted to have a partner in Opel that shares our philosophy for the promotion of young talents,” agreed ADAC Sport President Hermann Tomczyk.

The ADAC Opel Rallye Cup will be fine-tuned for its third edition. In general, the 2013 rules will apply. All participants, regardless of their age, will compete for the ADAC Opel Rallye Cup 2015, giving both juniors and seniors the chance of winning prize money. In total, around €120,000 will be up for grabs. The prize money will be increased from €40,000 to €60,000 per season. Furthermore, drivers over the age of 27 (seniors) will also have the opportunity to purchase a new Cup-ADAM for the preferential price of €24,900 (excluding VAT). In addition, the best drivers under 27 will compete for an additional season prize money of €60,000 in total and have the once-in-a-lifetime chance to qualify for a place in the ADAC Opel Rallye Junior Team.

The  ADAC Opel Rallye Junior Team will also be continued until 2018. Based on performances at the ADAC 3 City Rallye, a panel will select and announce the final driver on Saturday (October 25, 2014). The respective driver will compete in the 2015 ADAC Rallye Masters and selected international events.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

!NEW! Opel will employ more than 300 new employees in the manufacturing plant in Gliwice

General Motors Manufacturing Poland announces the start of a significant program of work of more than 300 new employees in the manufacturing plant in Gliwice. They will be part of the crew producing the next generation of Opel Astra. Production of this model is planned at the end of 2015, however, new employees start working at the beginning of next year.

Assembly line in Gliwice plant: Astra is the most popular model in Opel range 
Production in Gliwice plant is currently in two shifts, however, in connection with the impending introduction of next-generation model, and the expected increase in the volume of production, it is necessary to increase the number of jobs. 

The recruitment process will start immediately and will be conducted by Adecco. All new jobs relate to production stations. 

"This is another important step for our plant in Gliwice. Introducing an exciting new product and looking forward to increase the production volume, we employ highly qualified and motivated employees. "Said Andrzej Korpak the Director of the General Motors Manufacturing Poland. 

Gliwice plant currently produces currently offered generation of the Opel Astra and the Opel Cascada. The plant currently employs about 3 000 employees. 

Opel Cascada Convertible - Roof installation 
Sale of Opel in Poland in the period from January to September this year. amounted to 19 389 cars and was over 40% higher than the same period a year earlier. The market share of passenger cars amounted to 7.91%. Opel Astra is the most popular model of Opel range in Poland. 

!NEW! In Top Shape: New Opel Corsa E Sets Standards in Small Car Segment

  • Fifth generation Corsa continues 32-year-long success story
  • Comfortable, strong and economical: New chassis and powertrain technology raise standards
  • Top connectivity: IntelliLink integrates smartphone functionalities
  • Active safety: Innovative driver assistance systems protect Corsa occupants
  • Enhanced appeal: Striking looks with signature brand styling elements

The Opel Corsa is well established as a perennial bestseller: through four model generations spanning 32 years, 12.4 million Corsas have been sold. Together with the Astra, it is Opel’s most popular model, accounting for over a quarter of the company’s sales every year. Available in three and five-door body formats, the Corsa is currently number four in the small car segment in Western Europe. In Germany and the United Kingdom, it is number two and still keeping the competition at bay. 

When the new fifth-generation Corsa rolls off the assembly lines in Eisenach and Zaragoza at the end of this year, a star will be born to continue the model’s success in the small car segment. It has everything it takes to do so. The chic, fifth generation Corsa offers a fresh look and a fresh driving experience with a new chassis and optimized steering, combining the art of German engineering with emotional design, superb digital connectivity and a great price/performance ratio. New generation gasoline and profoundly reworked diesel turbo engines ensure a new level of comfort, top performance and low fuel consumption. The fifth-generation Corsa can already be ordered in Germany at an attractive entry-level price of just 11,980 euros (3-door, 1.2 gasoline engine; 750 euros more for the family-friendly five-door model – RRP incl. VAT in Germany).

“The Opel Corsa has always been widely praised, particularly for its appealing looks and its efficient use of space within compact dimensions,” says Dr. Karl-Thomas Neumann, CEO Opel Group. “I am confident the new fifth generation, with its new level of comfort, its modern driver assistance and infotainment systems, will continue the model’s exemplary success. I promise that the driving experience of the new Corsa will surprise everyone.”

Absolute precision: New chassis and steering for top driving stability

The new chassis does not inherit a single component from the current model. Straight line and cornering stability is increased thanks to a center of gravity lowered by 5 mm, a stiffer sub-frame and new suspension geometry including a new front knuckle. Roll behavior, steering response and understeer characteristics are all improved. New damping characteristics also give the fifth-generation Corsa better filtration of disturbances from potholes and uneven road surfaces, providing exemplary comfort in a small car. The development of a completely new electrical architecture enables a more sophisticated level of interaction between the car’s various systems. New steering geometry and steering software calibration benefit the new, speed-sensitive electric power steering system: it has a more precise response and improves both driving pleasure and comfort.

Power and comfort: New three-cylinder engine and gearbox for more driving fun

The highlight under the hood of the new Corsa is the installation of Opel’s newly-developed gasoline-powered three-cylinder, 1.0 ECOTEC Direct Injection Turbo. Just premiered in the Opel ADAM, this ultra-modern pocket powerhouse that has been designed from a clean sheet of paper sets a new class benchmark for exceptionally low noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) characteristics, as well as high driving comfort: the compact, all-aluminum 1.0 ECOTEC Direct Injection Turbo is fitted with a counter-rotating balancer shaft – a unique feature in its class. It is available in two output configurations, giving 66 kW/90 hp or 85 kW/115 hp. Both of course already meet Euro 6 emission standards, and the 66 kW/90 hp version only consumes 4.3 l/100 km in the combined cycle for emissions of just 100 g/km CO2. Opel’s new generation small gasoline engine does not only stand out with its quietness and silence, but also with its great responsiveness thanks to its massive torque already available at low revs. Both versions pump out 170 Nm of torque from just 1,800 rpm.

The gasoline powertrain line-up also includes 1.2 and 1.4-liter four-cylinder engines. New to the range is a 74 kW/100 hp 1.4-liter turbo with 200 Nm maximum torque available from 1,850 to 3,500 rpm. This makes it the current torque hero within the new Corsa powertrain portfolio. Of course, both engines meet Euro 6 emission standards.

Completely revised, more refined and now also Euro 6 compliant 1.3 CDTI engines with 55 kW/75 hp and 70 kW/95 hp expand the Corsa’s powertrain offer. At launch, the most frugal Corsa diesel variant – with 70 kW/95 hp, a five-speed manual gearbox and braking energy recuperation system – can reduce the three-door model‘s CO2 emissions down to 85 g/km and fuel consumption down to 3.2 l/100 km over the combined cycle. This earns it the German A+ energy efficiency label (according to Regulation [EC] No 715/2007).

But it is not only all-new and further developed engines which make the new Corsa even more fun and comfortable to drive. The introduction of new transmissions also contributes to the enhanced driving experience and improved efficiency. Both versions of the 1.0 ECOTEC Direct Injection Turbo are mated to an all-new, compact six-speed manual gearbox, which is distinguished by low friction design for its internal components and exemplary shift precision and comfort. New six-speed automatic transmission is also available in the new generation Corsa, introducing a higher level of driving luxury for the small car segment and setting a standard previously reserved for larger vehicle classes. In addition, with the Corsa, Opel launches a new generation automated transmission: Easytronic 3.0. Mated with the 66 kW/90 hp 1.4 gasoline engine, it impresses with excellent fuel efficiency (4.7 liter/100 km, 110g/km CO2) and a substantially smoother gear shifting compared to the previous unit. Easytronic affordably combines the comfort of an automatic with the efficiency of a manual gearbox. As it only costs half the price of a converter-based transmission, it is a great alternative for price-sensitive customers who do not want to forgo the comfort offered by an automatic.

Stylish: Opel design philosophy and clean interior with new IntelliLink

 Wing-shaped LED daytime running lights
Designers of the new Corsa have combined its popular, dynamic silhouette with flowing, sculptural lines and precise details which characterize Opel’s award-winning design philosophy. The new frontal styling incorporates elegantly chiseled headlamps, with wing-shaped LED daytime running lights, and a trapezoidal-shaped grille carrying a dominant chrome bar and the Opel logo. This fascia gives the new Corsa an enhanced presence on the road. The rear end has a lean, stretched and athletic look: the wide horizontally split tail lights help to visually widen the car and also flow round to the rear shoulders, giving the Corsa an even better stance. At just 4.02 meters in length, the Opel bestseller still offers plenty of space for up to five occupants – in both family-friendly, five-door and sporty three-door body formats.

New Opel Corsa offers plenty of space for up to five occupants – in both family-friendly, five-door and sporty three-door body formats

The Corsa’s high-quality cabin is also stylish, modern and designers have given it a new level of inspiring sophistication. The cleanly designed cockpit is organized along stretched horizontal lines that enhance the feeling of spaciousness. It is laid out around an eye-catching driver control center and the instrument panel fascia. The optional IntelliLink infotainment system’s 7-inch color touchscreen is ideally located on the center stack, between driver and front passenger.

Cleanly designed cockpit is organized along stretched horizontal lines that enhance the feeling of spaciousness
Opel’s award-winning infotainment system offers optimum connectivity opportunities. It is compatible with Apple and Android devices and makes the Corsa the best connected small car on the market. The driver can use apps like BringGo for navigation, as well as Stitcher and TuneIn for worldwide radio and podcast reception. The integration of Apple iOS devices within IntelliLink enables SIRI EYES FREE voice control. This makes it possible for drivers to hear an incoming SMS read aloud or dictate an SMS and emails – all while keeping their hands on the wheel and their eyes on the road ahead.

IntelliLink infotainment system with 7-inch color touchscreen 

Assistant on board: Ultra-modern systems increase driving comfort and safety

“With the fifth generation Corsa, we want to offer a new driving experience in this vehicle class in term of pleasure, comfort and safety,” says Dr. Karl-Thomas Neumann. “This is why our bestseller is coming onto the market with so many new technologies.”

At the touch of a button, the City mode of the steering system, fitted as standard except when the Opel Eye front camera is chosen, increases power assistance at lower speeds, which is particularly useful when maneuvering in congested urban areas. Hill Start Assist also comes as standard. It maintains the brake function for about two seconds. This prevents the Corsa from rolling back when starting on a slope.

Rearview Camera
The new Corsa introduces a host of driver assistance systems, many of which are unrivalled in its vehicle class. The Advanced Park Assist identifies spaces and automatically parks the vehicle, without the driver touching the wheel. This ultrasonic sensor-based system measures suitable parallel or perpendicular parking spots, calculates the vehicle’s trajectory and automatically steers the Corsa into a parking space. The Advanced Park Assist always comes with Side Blind Spot Alert, which also uses the ultrasonic sensors to warn the driver of an imminent collision when changing lanes. The sensors have a range of three meters to the left and right of the vehicle, and detect objects or other vehicles in the driver’s blind spots.

Side Blind Spot Alert (SBSA)
Whenever another vehicle comes within range of the sensors, a warning LED illuminates in the relevant exterior door mirror. The second-generation Opel Eye front camera, with Traffic Sign Recognition, Lane Departure Warning, High Beam Assist, Following Distance Indication and Forward Collision Warning, also further increases driving safety.

Traffic Sign Recognition (TSR)

Forward Collision Warning (FCW)
Unique in its class: Forward Collision Warning (FCW) with LED Head-Up projection

To further increase safety, the new generation Corsa can be equipped with a Bi-Xenon lighting system that includes cornering light.

New Opel Corsa can be equipped with Bi-Xenon headlights and cornering lights

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

!NEW! Success Story Continues: Already 30,000 Orders for the New Opel Corsa E

  • Order books for new Corsa filling nicely even before the official market launch
  • Delivery of the new generation Opel small car to start at end of year 

Bestseller: New Opel Corsa has already been ordered 30,000 times
The new Corsa has not yet officially hit the market but is already a success. Europe-wide, over 30,000 customers have already decided on the new Corsa, despite the Opel dealers only having opened their order books for the fifth generation of the small car in August and the official market launch still being a few weeks away.

Success story continues: Both the three and five-door variants are proving popular with the customers
“The new Corsa has had an excellent start. Even though the customers have not been able to see it at the dealers and test drive it yet we are already receiving numerous orders. That demonstrates that we have a convincing package of design, technology and price,” said Peter Christian Küspert, Vice President Sales & Aftersales Opel Group. “The fifth generation will continue the success story of the Corsa. The car is an important part of our model offensive that will increase our market share considerably during the course of the next few years,” added Küspert.

New Opel Corsa will be at the dealerships in the first countries by the end of the year. The Europe-wide market launch will be completed by January 2015.

The new Corsa celebrated its world premiere at the Paris Motor Show at the beginning of October. The order books were opened in Germany first but now the Corsa can be ordered in almost all major markets.

“The Europe-wide availability of the Corsa should provide another boost. The car is not just popular in Germany but also in important markets such as Great Britain and France,” explained Küspert. The new Corsa will be at the dealerships in the first countries by the end of the year. The Europe-wide market launch will be completed by January 2015.

New Opel Corsa E - Sporty 3 door variant with OPC Line pack 1
The Corsa is one of the most important vehicles in Opel’s portfolio providing around a quarter of the overall sales. Since the launch of the first generation Corsa 32 years ago, over 12.4 million units of the small car have been sold. The predecessor of the new Corsa was sold around 3 million times between 2006 and 2014.

New Opel Corsa E - Interior with Sport seats and OPC Line pack 2
Even it the end of its lifecycle the previous generation proved to be very popular. During the current year, no other Opel vehicle was sold more often in Europe than the Corsa D. In Germany, the small car topped its segment for new registrations in September.

The new Corsa stands for German engineering, emotional design and outstanding value for money. Safety and assistance systems along with new, ultra-modern engines and transmissions are the technological highlights.

The new Corsa is a major player in Opel’s model offensive that will see 27 new cars and 17 new engines brought to market by 2018. Next year, for example, the new KARL will be launched. With the new entry-level Opel, the Corsa E and the stylish ADAM, all introduced in the space of less than two-and-a-half years, Opel will have its strongest small car portfolio ever and one of the youngest on the entire automotive market.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

!NEW! Things Continue to Look up: 300,000 Orders for the Opel Mokka SUV

  • Bestseller: SUV is becoming a real customer favorite
  • Segment leader: most sold car in its segment in Europe in August
  • Squeaky clean: available with new, frugal 1.6-liter Euro 6 Turbo Diesel from early 2015

With whisper diesel from 2015: From next year, the Opel Mokka will be available with the new 1.6-liter Turbo Diesel
“Things are really looking up for Opel,” said Borussia Dortmund coach Jürgen Klopp when he drove the Mokka for the first time. Obviously, that is not just true for the company but also for the Mokka. In the two years since being brought to market, the sub-compact SUV has been ordered 300,000 times. Mokka sales even stepped up a gear in recent times. The latest 100,000 orders were recorded in the last seven months. In August, the Opel bestseller even managed to outsell any other car in its segment in Europe. The Mokka is the third most sold car in the Opel rankings behind Corsa and Astra but ahead of Insignia and Zafira.

Currently, the sub-compact SUV segment is the fastest growing in the automobile industry. Compared to last year, registration figures in Europe have almost doubled. Opel Mokka has become a bestseller without regard to national borders. The two-time All-wheel Drive Car of the Year winner leads its segment in Germany with almost 24 percent, in Austria with around 22 percent and in Finland with 27 percent. Throughout Europe, the Mokka achieved a segment share of 15 percent from January to August 2014 and ranks third.

SUV bestseller: Opel Mokka has already been ordered 300,000 times
“The Mokka interprets our definition of an exciting model with ultra-modern technology at affordable prices perfectly,” said Peter Christian Küspert, Vice President Sales & Aftersales Opel Group. “We are delighted with our bestseller amongst the compact SUVs. It is a guarantee for success and an important part of our model offensive. Next, it will be available with the 1.6 CDTI whisper diesel. That will definitely give the Mokka even more momentum.”

Refinement par excellence: New 1.6 CDTI

Opel Mokka SUV does not just impress with its stylish appearance, modern all-wheel drive and generous spaciousness – from early 2015, it will also be available with the 100 kW/136 hp 1.6 CDTI turbo diesel. Already dubbed the ‘whisper diesel’, the extremely compact four-cylinder unit will replace the current 1.7-liter diesel in the Mokka line-up. It gives more power and torque – up six hp and 20 Nm, respectively – from a smaller displacement, as well as significantly lower fuel consumption. The lively 1.6 CDTI is part of a new family of Opel all-aluminum diesel engines. 320 Nm of torque, from 0 to 100 km/h in 9.9 seconds and a top speed of 191 km/h are figures that highlight driving fun. The whisper diesel is also extremely economical and kinder to the environment: with the standard Start/Stop system, the 1.6 CDTI Mokka consumes just 4.1 l/100 km over the combined cycle while emitting only 109 g/km CO2. This is almost 0.5 l/100 km less fuel and 11 g/km less CO2 than the predecessor 1.7-liter version. This new diesel engine complies with the stringent Euro 6 emissions standard. 

Improved running smoothness, more power, better fuel efficiency: With the new 100 kW/136 hp turbo diesel, the Opel Mokka boasts a fuel consumption of only 4.1 liters per 100 kilometers 

!NEW! 11 More GM Facilities Become Landfill-Free

GM continues global movement to zero waste; 122 sites send nothing to landfill

Eleven more General Motors facilities have achieved landfill-free status. The running total is 122 manufacturing and non-manufacturing operations spanning Asia, Europe, and South and North America that recycle, reuse or convert to energy all waste from daily operations.

“Our landfill-free movement is part of our culture of continuous improvement embraced by teams globally,” said Jim DeLuca, GM executive vice president of Global Manufacturing. “Not only does it make our operations more efficient and help conserve vital resources, but we’re able to reinvest the money we get from recycling into future vehicles for our customers.”

GM’s new landfill-free facilities include:

  • CAMI Assembly (Canada)
  • Colmotores Assembly (Colombia)
  • Joinville Engine (Brazil)
  • Zaragoza Assembly (Spain)
  • Zaragoza Stamping (Spain)
  • Grand Rapids Operations (Michigan)
  • Burton Warehouse and Distribution Center (Michigan)
  • GM Heritage Center (Michigan)
  • Shanghai Headquarters (China)
  • Luton Warehouse (England)
  • Fontana Warehouse and Distribution Center (California)                                                                      
The addition of these 11 facilities to landfill-free status helps GM avoid more than 600,000 metric tons of CO2-equivalent emissions. This is comparable to the greenhouse gas benefit of 15 million tree seedlings grown for 10 years.

“Our ultimate goal is not to generate any waste at all,” said John Bradburn, GM global manager of waste reduction. “Until then, we do everything we can to ensure it doesn’t end up in the ground. From connecting our suppliers on special recycling projects to reusing packaging, we apply lessons learned across all of our operations to broaden the positive impact.”

Employee awareness is key in the drive to landfill-free. Colmotores Assembly in Colombia launched awareness campaigns that engaged employees in reducing waste and sorting it correctly. GM’s Shanghai headquarters, a LEED-Gold facility, formed a “Green Team” spanning IT, finance, facilities, R&D and supply chain departments to identify recycling and waste reduction opportunities. Luton Warehouse attributes its success to a robust training initiative that drove a zero-waste culture.

All of these facilities treat their waste as resources out of place and employ a number of methods to give them a second or third life.
  • Reduce: Zaragoza Assembly changed its manufacturing process to reduce solvent consumption from its paint shop; it now reuses 80 percent of it. Packaging continues to be a large waste stream for many plants and CAMI Assembly is tackling it by setting aggressive targets to reduce non-reusable packaging.
  • Reuse: Grand Rapids Operations’ in-house oil recycling saves GM $1.2 million per year.  It recycles and reuses every gallon of oil it buys from a refinery several times.
  • Recycle: CAMI Assembly turns scrap wood into mulch for its wetlands and Grand Rapids Operations recycles grinding wheels as sandpaper. The Grand Rapids site also works with a partner that processes wastewater treatment sludge into a fuel source for the building materials industry.
  • Compost: Zaragoza composts wastewater treatment sludge to create fertilizer and Joinville Engine composts its organic cafeteria waste to provide additional nutrients for the site’s trees and plants.

A strong network of recycling partners and suppliers helps facilities achieve their goals. Localizing the supply chain strengthens the business case and reduces overall carbon footprint. One of Zaragoza’s biggest challenges was finding a nearby partner to efficiently transport and treat paint sludge so it could be used to generate electricity. Burton Warehouse and Distribution Center hired a waste technician to help sort packaging waste generated from expanded shipping and distribution operations. A new recycling partner helped push GM’s Heritage Center to landfill-free status.

Zaragoza Assembly reuses 80 percent of its solvent from paint shop operations, and has changed its manufacturing process to reduce overall solvent consumption.
Landfill-free has no finish line. For example, Colmotores Assembly set a goal to work with suppliers on minimizing packaging waste and designing products for easier reuse or recycling.

GM’s goal is to achieve 125 landfill-free sites globally by 2020. The company already has met its 10 percent total waste reduction commitment – seven years ahead of schedule.

GM was named a Michigan Green Leader and Green Corporate Citizen for its landfill-free program, and received a Top Project of the Year Award from Environmental Leader for driving a global movement for zero waste.  GM was one of the first companies – and the only automaker – inducted into the U.S. EPA WasteWise Hall of Fame.

The company’s blueprint, "The Business Case for Zero Waste”, outlines how companies of all sizes and industries can reduce waste and create efficiencies.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

!NEW! GM Delivers its Best Third Quarter Global Sales Since 1980

  • Chevrolet up 9 percent in North America 
  • Cadillac up 63 percent in China
  • Buick global sales up 7 percent

General Motors Co. (NYSE: GM) sold 2,449,595 vehicles around the world in the third quarter of 2014, up 2 percent compared with a year ago. It was the company’s best third quarter since 1980. In the first nine months of 2014, GM sold 7,371,743 vehicles, up 2 percent.

Third quarter sales in the United States and China, the company’s two largest markets, were up 8 percent and 14 percent, respectively. Year to date, sales in the United States and China were up 4 percent and 12 percent, respectively.

GM is on track to surpass sales of 3 million vehicles in China for the second consecutive year and the company expects to top last year’s record sales of 3.16 million vehicles. During September, GM’s cumulative sales in China surpassed 20 million vehicles.

“GM delivered its best third quarter global sales in 34 years thanks to solid growth in the United States and China, and steady improvement in Opel’s market share,” said GM CEO Mary Barra. “We have launches now underway, including the Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon in North America, the Opel/Vauxhall Corsa in Europe, and the Buick Envision and Cadillac ATS-L in China, that will keep our momentum going.”

Highlights (vs. 2013)

  • Chevrolet had record sales in China in the third quarter, up 13 percent to 169,830 units. For the first nine months of year, the brand is up 7 percent to a record 505,316 units. September was Chevrolet’s best month ever in China.
  • Calendar year to date, Chevrolet sales in South Korea are at record levels.
  • The success of the new Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra helped GM increase its estimated share of the U.S. retail market for large pickups from 35.8 percent in the first quarter of 2014 to 37.4 percent in the second quarter and 37.9 percent in the third quarter.
  • Buick’s global sales were up 7 percent in the third quarter to 284,540 units and they are up 11 percent calendar year to date to 858,046 units, driven by strong growth in the United States and China. Buick’s China sales were up 8 percent in the quarter to 220,578 units and they were up 11 percent to 670,999 units in the first nine months of the year. 
  • In China, combined, sales of small SUVs – the Buick Encore, Chevrolet Trax and Captiva – were up 90 percent in the third quarter. In the United States, the Buick Encore has been the best-selling vehicle in its segment for six months in a row. The Chevrolet Trax will launch in the United States in early 2015.
  • Cadillac’s global sales were up 4 percent in the third quarter and they are up 9 percent year to date, driven by strong growth in China. Cadillac’s China sales were up 48 percent in the quarter to 18,665 units and they were up 63 percent to 52,425 units in the first nine months of the year.
  • Opel/Vauxhall gained market share in 11 European countries in the first nine months of this year, including Germany, where the brand earned 7 percent of the market, up 0.3 points.                                       

General Motors Co. (NYSE:GM, TSX: GMM) and its partners produce vehicles in 30 countries, and the company has leadership positions in the world's largest and fastest-growing automotive markets.  GM, its subsidiaries and joint venture entities sell vehicles under the Chevrolet, Cadillac, Baojun, Buick, GMC, Holden, Jiefang, Opel, Vauxhall and Wuling brands. 

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

!NEW! Anything but Cute – Opel ADAM ROCKS on Vine

  • Opel extends ADAM ROCKS campaign to include social networks
  • Cooperation with filmmaker and ‘Vine star‘ Zach King
  • Vine stands for video network and is a free smartphone app

Vine star: video illusionist Zach King gets close with the new Opel ADAM ROCKS for the „Anything but cute“ campaign
Anything but cute is the slogan for the print, TV and online advertising campaign for the new Opel ADAM ROCKS. It describes the attributes of the new addition to the ADAM family – masculine and adventurous. Opel is intensifying its use of social media channels in its communication and has signed Los Angeles-based clip maker and ‘Vine star’ Zach King. He interprets the characteristics of the new wild Opel in six short, creative clips (Bubblegum, Cardboard, Drift, Remote Control, Snatch and Cannonball). The results of his work can be seen on the Opel-Vine-Portal as well as on Zach King’s Vine channel from October 13. Furthermore, the spots, including a making of video, will be linked on the Opel pages of YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and news blog Buzzfeed.

“We need to collect our clients from the places they visit most. The target audience of the Opel ADAM gets most of its information from social media. Therefore, we are intensifying our activities in this area and working with a star of this sector was an obvious choice. We are delighted to have Zach King on board for this project,” explained Opel Chief Marketing Officer Tina Müller.

24-year-old Zach King has already received numerous awards for his work and is one of the leading filmmakers on Vine, a popular video network in the United States and Canada. He is considered as an illusionist of this video genre and has over 1.9 million Vine followers. Vine is a free app for smartphones. It allows users to share short clips.

!NEW! Vauxhall's New Corsa Boosts Image with Guinness World Records' Attempt

  • New car to create 7,000-mile-long GPS picture all over UK
  • Final image will have particular relevance to public on day of release

GPS artist Jeremy Wood, outside Celtic Football Club with New Corsa
Few cars are as widely known in Britain as Vauxhall’s Corsa, and to celebrate the launch of the Fourth Generation model an early prototype car is being used to achieve the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS’ title for the Largest GPS Drawing.

The image is being generated by Jeremy Wood, one of the pioneers of GPS-art, but will have the final flourishes applied by motoring journalists as they test New Corsa for the first time during a UK wide launch organised by Vauxhall this month.

On completion, Vauxhall aims to have achieved the world record for the Largest GPS Drawing (minimum distance to beat is 4,451 miles) while at the same time visiting most of Britain’s towns and cities as part of an epic, month-long endurance drive that will cover over 7,000 miles of the UK’s mainland.

When the final image is revealed at the end of October, it will stretch from Scotland to the South Coast of England and will be recognised as one of the most spectacular virtual drawings the world has ever seen. It will also have particular relevance to the day on which it goes live.

GPS-art combines drawing, travelling (in many different forms) and technology to create art-work on a very large scale. GPS receivers determine the artist’s position by trilateration of microwave signals from satellites orbiting at 12,500 miles altitude. Tracks of a journey are recorded in the GPS receiver’s memory via a transponder (which in this case is fitted to the Corsa’s roof) and can then be downloaded.

‘Corsas can be found in every village, town and city around the UK, so we wanted to visit as many locations as possible during the record attempt to raise awareness of the new car,’ said Simon Hucknall, PR Manager for Vauxhall Product & Heritage. ‘We also wanted to create a truly unifying image using modern technology, which squared well with the level of innovation in the new car.

GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS is excited that we’re already close to breaking the record, and if we do, our car and GPS artist will have covered in a month what many motorists drive in a year.’

GPS artist, Jeremy Wood, has been creating ‘digital marks’ on water, over-land and in the air for more than a decade. His work is exhibited internationally and is in the permanent collection of London Transport Museum, the V&A and University of Arts in London.

‘This is by far the most challenging commission that I’ve taken on,’ said Jeremy. ‘In order to make the image instantly recognisable, I’ve driven New Corsa on a huge mix of roads and travelled some of the most convoluted routes to ensure that the outlines are clear and memorable.’

But despite the daunting task and epic mileage, Jeremy has nothing but praise for his early, pre-production Corsa 1.0-litre ECOTEC: ‘It’s wonderfully comfortable and quiet for covering a high mileage every day – not what I expected from a small car. It’s also averaged 50mpg, which given my stop-start work has been a pleasant surprise.’

Jeremy’s final image will be revealed at the end of October, through multiple media and social network channels. Not only is it set to become a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title, but the subject of the picture will have a particular resonance with the British public on the day of its release.

New Corsa is now on sale through Vauxhall dealers at a starting price of £8,995.

Sunday, 12 October 2014

!NEW! Vauxhall unites with owners Clubs at NEC Classic Motor Show

  • Largest single Vauxhall area seen at Britain’s biggest classic car show
  • Seven unique and important vehicles from Vauxhall’s Heritage Centre…
  • …in addition to impressive line-up from four leading Vauxhall owners’ clubs

Vauxhall D-Type Staff Car at The Cloth Hall, Ypres, Belgium 
For the third year running, Vauxhall Motors will be supporting the Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show at Birmingham’s NEC on 14-16 November, with a line-up of rare and unique vehicles from its Luton-based Heritage Centre.

But this year, Vauxhall’s presence will be even more impactful, thanks to the support of four of the marque’s leading clubs: the Droop Snoot Group, Autobahnstormers, the Vauxhall Cresta Club and the Chevette Owners’ Group, each of which will be sharing stand space with the manufacturer.

‘We wanted to bring marque clubs together in a stand that had a more cohesive feel for show-goers,’ said Simon Hucknall, PR Manager for Vauxhall Product & Heritage, ‘We also wanted to make a bigger statement about the importance of Vauxhall’s heritage; we’re Britain’s oldest surviving car company with a continuous manufacturing history for 111 years, so our display vehicles needed to support this message.’

Star billing in a year commemorating the centenary of the start of World War One is the D-Type staff car. Vauxhall was one of only a few manufacturers to continue building vehicles during hostilities, and the D-Type saw active service throughout the war.  One of only two surviving vehicles in the world, Vauxhall’s Heritage Centre example was built in circa 1916 and has been restored to full working order, even making a trip to Ypres earlier this year for a magazine article.

As a striking counterpoint, nothing comes to close to the VX Lightning concept. Created to celebrate Vauxhall’s 2003 centenary, the Lightning was a product of the now defunct GM Advanced Design studio in Coventry. Rarely seen outside of Vauxhall’s 70-strong heritage collection, the Lightning is fitted with a supercharged 2.0-litre engine producing 240bhp.

2003 Vauxhall VX Lightning Concept

Another rarity – though one that did make production – is Vauxhall’s Chevette 2300HS. Launched in 1976 to satisfy homologation regulations for the DTV (Dealer Team Vauxhall) rally cars, the model represented a conscious effort by Vauxhall to inject drama and excitement into its range. In rally form, it also brought Pentti Airikkala three major wins in his first season.

1979 Vauxhall Chevette 2300HS

Staying with the sporting theme, Vauxhall’s VXR220 also makes an appearance on the stand. This is the very car – a decade ago – that wore the first ‘VXR’ badge, and kick-started an enthusiasts’ brand that has spawned some of the fastest, best-handling and most attainable performance cars on the market. ‘Number One’ weighs just 800kgs and is powered by a 2.0-litre turbocharged engine with 220bhp and a 0-60mph time of just 4.2 seconds.

2004 Vauxhall VXR 220

Just about the only figure the next stand-car has in common with the VXR220 is its weight. The Viva HA makes a welcome reappearance at the NEC, marking 50 years since compact car production started at Vauxhall’s Ellesmere Port plant, which next year will become the lead production facility for the all-new Astra. Vauxhall’s first compact car, the Viva (a name which will be re-born next year for a new model) was simple, beautifully packaged and immensely popular, with over 300,000 being sold between 1963 and 1966

Little more than 10 years after the HA ceased production, perhaps nothing showed Vauxhall’s up-market aspirations more than the Royale Coupe which graces the stand. Costing almost 20 times the price of the Viva at its launch, the Royale took Vauxhall into direct competition with the Rover 3500 SD1 and Ford’s Granada Ghia. All-round independent suspension, a 2.8-litre straight-six ‘cam-in-head’ engine, optional air conditioning were all firsts for Vauxhall. It was also seen as a genuine ground-breaker in its class by the British motoring press.

1979 Vauxhall Royale Coupe 

And ground-breaking is something at which Vauxhall has excelled right from the start. Fresh from its attempt at the 2014 London to Brighton run, the 110-year old ‘6HP’ showed how prescient was Vauxhall’s approach to design and engineering. The oldest car on the stand has a body and chassis amalgamated into a single structure made from a wood and steel composite. Driven by a single-cylinder engine, with a two-bearing crank and trembler coil ignition, the 6HP could achieve a top speed of 25mph – quite something in its day.

1904 Vauxhall 6HP 
Vauxhall and its partner clubs look forward to meeting show-goers on the stand, which is in Hall 7, Stand 420. More information about the Classic Motor Show can be found at www.necclassicmotorshow.com .

Thursday, 9 October 2014


A holidaying company car driver at Toomey Leasing Group has achieved 990 miles on one tank of fuel from his Insignia 2.0 CDTi SRi VX-Line. The leasing company already has 20 of the award-winning five door models on its company car fleet, used by its sales managers for both personal and professional use.

After using his company Insignia to drive his family of four on a round trip of 3,200 miles from the UK to Naples in Italy, one sales manager, Dino Landico, was able to achieve an average of 59mpg in his Insignia – impressive for a fully-loaded car. “Even with all our luggage, driving the Vauxhall Insignia meant I was able to take my family on holiday without spending a fortune,” explained Dino.

Martin Wroe, managing director of Toomey Leasing Group explains: “Lowering carbon emissions is a key priority for the company which is one of the reasons behind why we have chosen the Vauxhall Insignia, which has CO2 emissions of just 98g/km, for our company’s fleet.

“As these cars are used by our employees outside of work as well, low fuel consumption is even more important, so it’s very encouraging that we have already received such positive feedback from those who have noticed a difference. Since our employees will be using these vehicles at home as well as at work we needed to choose a model that would be versatile enough for all kinds of situations.”

The cars, which are being used by Toomey Leasing’s team of sales managers to visit clients nationwide, will drive an average of between 15,000 to 35,000 miles per year. The diesel Insignias have a manual 6-speed transmission, Start/Stop and feature Vauxhall’s satellite navigation system.

Paul Adler, Fleet Marketing Manager, at Vauxhall said: “We’re really pleased to hear how happy Toomey Leasing’s drivers are with the Insignias and we hope they will continue to be impressed by their fuel economy, performance and versatility.”

!NEW! Opel Corsa E and Choupette Pose for Karl Lagerfeld

A very special top model takes center stage for 2015 calendar shoot with the star photographer 

Karl and Choupette Lagerfeld joined forces for the new Opel Corsa E calendar shoot in Paris
Fashion designer and photographer Karl Lagerfeld managed to persuade a very special model to join him for a project with Opel – Choupette Lagerfeld. The couturier’s Birman cat is the star of the 2015 Opel Corsa calendar. “The recipe ‘Super model on car’ is slowly getting boring. Karl Lagerfeld has found a new and fresh approach to the subject,” said Opel Chief Marketing Officer Tina Müller. Müller was present for the shooting with Karl Lagerfeld and is delighted with the project. “The fifth generation of the Corsa has just been launched. In the last 32 years, it has been photographed with numerous supermodels. There was only one way to beat that in a special way: Choupette,” said the marketing expert with a wink.

Hood, roof, interior – Karl and Choupette Lagerfeld made sure that every detail of the new Opel Corsa was captured on camera
Lagerfeld followed Choupette’s foray of the new Corsa in a Parisian studio. His camera captured the four-legged star, with 42,000 Twitter followers and radiant blue eyes, getting to know every detail of the new Opel. No matter whether it was velvet paws on the steering wheel, a leap from the hood or during a quick break in a child seat - the star photographer and his model showed that the new Corsa offers outstanding spaciousness and quality along with first-class design.

Karl and Choupette Lagerfeld joined forces for the new Opel Corsa calendar shoot in Paris
The fact that a cat actually enjoys such a project is by no means common. But Lagerfeld’s close relationship with Choupette made the shooting easy. “Choupette did a great job – just as I would expect from a star. She was relaxed no matter whether she was behind the wheel or on the roof of the Opel. She was by no means tense. However, she did sleep for twelve hours after we had finished,” said Lagerfeld. “Karl Lagerfeld is synonymous with esthetics, lifestyle and elegance – just like our new Corsa. Karl Lagerfeld expresses exactly that with his photographs. The shooting and the calendar once again emphasize our brand’s claim – innovative cars, groundbreaking design and a likeable approach,” added Müller.

On top of being famous for his fashion creativity,  Karl Lagerfeld is a renowned photographer being exhibited in various museums around the world, and having his photographs being the subject of several art books. He shoots numerous advertising campaigns (Chanel, Fendi, Karl Lagerfeld among others) and is a regular contributor to a lot of international fashion magazines. However, Choupette is no newcomer to working in a photo studio either, even though she has never before dedicated as much time as she did for the Corsa. Previously, the famous cat posed for the cover of the German Vogue in the arms of supermodel Linda Evangelista.

By the way, Linda Evangelista was part of the supermodel advertising campaign for the Corsa at the end of the previous millennium when she appeared in an Opel spot with Christy Turlington, Tatjana Patiz, Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell.

Choupette Lagerfeld is already the second cat with a starring role in campaigns for the Opel Corsa. In the commercial for the first generation of the Corsa (1982 – 1993), cartoon anti-hero Tom chased mouse Jerry who was at the wheel of the agile small car.

The fifth generation of the Opel Corsa impresses with the new, clear-cut and, as usual, spacious interior including perfect connectivity due to the IntelliLink infotainment system and ultra-modern driver assistance systems. The dynamic Corsa silhouette complies with Opel’s design philosophy: flowing, sculptural artistry shapes combined with precisely designed details. This is the package the new Corsa has at its disposal to continue the 32-year success story in a highly competitive segment.

The Corsa calendar photos taken by Karl Lagerfeld will be presented at a vernissage at the beginning of next year. The previous Opel calendar, produced in cooperation with Bryan Adams, focused on the Opel ADAM.