Thursday, 6 December 2012

!NEW! Opel Austria extended in 2013 the Corsa OPC Rally Cup to 12 teams

  • Review: An exciting and spectacular season
  • Expansion of the Opel Corsa OPC Rally Cup on 12 Teams
  • Registration period runs until the end of the year 

An exciting and spectacular 2012 season

The first season of the Opel Corsa OPC Rally Cup ended with the forest district rally in the Horn. Proud Gesamtcup winner was, by far, the youngster Daniel Wollinger (104 points). Wolfram Doberer reached by a superior performance in demanding Waldviertel Rally the runner-up (84 points). Also on the podium there Christoph Leitgeb managed 78 points. Furthermore, in fourth place, with 53 points Gerhard Dworak, Koni Friesenegger with 50 points and last but not least Daniel Zieser with 20 points. "I am particularly pleased that we have achieved such a good start to the rally scene. The team mix of youngsters and well-known has given us an exciting and spectacular season. I congratulate all the teams for their performance," congratulated Alexander Struckl, CEO of General Motors Austria GmbH.

Expansion of the Opel Corsa OPC Rally Cup from six to legendary 12 Teams - Registration period runs until the end of the year

The Opel Corsa OPC Rally Cup learned in assets, rally enthusiasts and the team of the Cup a big appeal. Daniel Wollinger: "I am delighted with the successful launch of Opel in rallying. I am especially impressed by the professional performance and the reliability of the Corsa OPC. There was throughout the season no technical problems! "

The organizers of the Opel Corsa OPC Rally Cup have decided to expand the current 2013 season of six to 12 teams. The prize money is of 36.000, - to 57.000, - increased. Willi Stengg: "The enthusiasm for the participation of the Opel Corsa OPC Rally Cup is great, I always get new requests. There are only three places available, the registration period runs until the end of this year. "All interested parties can take directly to Willi Stengg ( contact.

The Opel Corsa OPC Rally Cup Package

The high demand is due certainly to a large extent, therefore, that in addition to a totally professional structured, fast rally car a true "all-round support" for relatively little money is to be had:

  • Opel Corsa OPC rally car at a price of EUR 39.900, - (incl. VAT)
  • Six Rally events
  • Service bus with all the necessary spare parts at each rally site
  • Prize money per Rally for the eight top finishers
  • Hospitality and catering for driver / passenger at every rally
  • Discounts for reconnaissance cars of the Opel brand 
  • Uniform optical and organizational performance at every rally
  • Professional press release services for each Team 


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