Wednesday, 12 December 2012

!NEW! GuGabriel presents new single „ADAM & Eve”

  • Follow-up single to "Salvation" boasts catchy draft
  • Feeling of trust and interpersonal closeness are important for singer-songwriter
  • GuGabriel is brand ambassador "powered by Opel"

Opel ADAM and GuGabriel
At a press conference the singer GuGabriel today unveiled their new single "Adam & Eve" to the public. Goosebumps had guarantees: The singer-songwriter inspired all those present with an "unplugged" version of the new song. By the acoustic guitar, the vocal qualities of the singer and the hit potential of the new number came to its best advantage.

With her comeback hit "Salvation," which was published this year in the summer, celebrated Gudrun Liemberger, alias "GuGabriel", a brilliant comeback and was more than three months represented in the Ö3 Austria Top 40. The accompanying video recorded to date the impressive figure of almost 400,000 clicks on YouTube. "Adam & Eve" will continue this success story and now both newly acquired and long-time fans convince with much emotion and songwriting that meet and exceed international standards.

"Adam & Eve" - ​​a tribute to Love and Life

"To my new single is about love, of contentment, happiness and confidence and the feeling of let go," said GuGabriel the background to the new song. "We should always bear in mind how important interpersonal warmth and remind ourselves of what life is really important is, namely, love."

Gudrun Liemberger - a varied Career

In summer 2011, the singer Gudrun Liemberger started with the stage name GuGabriel - composed of their two first names and Gudrun Gabriele - her solo career. Previously, she was already in a number of bands on the microphone - at Galahad, The Shepherds and her most successful project SheSays.

GuGabriel Austrian singer-songwriter
SheSays also marked the start of a professional career musician. The first, named after the band stormed album topped the Austrian charts, with the song "Rose Gardens" SheSays reached second place in the Austrian single charts. In 2006 the band the prestigious Amadeus Austrian Music Award in the category was awarded "Newcomer of the Year national".

In July 2011, the singer and multi-instrumentalist began (she plays guitar, violin, piano, accordion and flute) as GuGabriel her solo career and her band brought Nomads of the Universe after two years of preparation, the album "Anima (l)".

 Just one year later, there was another new creative output with the catchy single "Salvation", which became the hot topic in the Austrian charts. In December 2012, then came the song "Adam & Eve", which will continue to be successful.

GuGabriel - "powered by Opel"

Since the summer of 2012 is GuGabriel brand ambassador of Opel Austria and cooperation has been very successful. "Thanks to the professional cooperation could both Opel Austria and the singer in 2012 already celebrating important achievements," shows Mag Struckl Alexander, CEO of General Motors Austria, delighted to be working. "I am sure that the new song, Adam & Eve, another chart topper is. The music fits perfectly with the new Opel ADAM, which by its individual modern design conveys a feeling of freedom and emotion. "

Also GuGabriel stressed: "I want to thank Opel for their support, without which the realization of the song and video productions would have been not as professional possible." Opel ADAM is also the brand new video to watch to "Adam & Eve" be, which is available now in the YouTube channel of GuGabriel.

The chic and urban Opel ADAM

With the new Adam Opel reveals the growing lifestyle O segment. With a length of just 3.70 meters and 1.72 meters wide (without mirrors), the Opel ADAM recommends perfect as an agile, crisp three-door model for the city. Its driving dynamics but also offers all the requirements for highway and rides into the countryside, chassis and steering are designed for driving fun and agility. Inside, four people enjoy a generous feeling of spaciousness for this class of vehicle, and great quality look. The new Opel ADAM can be combined with a wide selection of colors, finishes, stylish headliners and lighting effects, customize the wishes of the owner, and accordingly is the current needs of young people for individuality and creativity meet.

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