Thursday, 27 September 2012

New Opel ADAM - For 11,500 euro is yours

  • ADAM offers unparalleled potential for customization
  • Three trim “worlds” help to create a personalized ADAM
  • Innovative technologies from higher vehicle segments
  • Chic, small, urban car is also perfect for a drive in the country

Virtually unlimited options for customization have been packed into a car that is just 3.70 meters long and 1.72 meters wide (including wing mirrors). At the “Mondial de L’Automobile” 2012 in Paris, the Opel ADAM will show off its many innovative features and tailor-made personal trim options that no other car maker offers. These include stylish headliners, subtle backlit instrument panel decors and colorful wheel clips. Rather than offering conventional trim hierarchies, the ADAM caters for a variety of individual tastes thanks to three different trim worlds: ADAM JAM is fresh and funky, ADAM GLAM is glamorous and stylish and ADAM SLAM is muscular and sporty. 


Opel ADAM SLAM with OPC Line Pack

Prices for the ADAM start at 11,500 euro (Germany rrp. including VAT) for the entry-level version with a 51 kW/70 hp 1.2 liter gasoline engine. The many different options to individualize the car further are kept quite affordable. For example, the unique starlight headliner complete with more than 60 LED lights recreates a starlit sky at night and can be ordered for as little as 380 euro.

To go with each body color of the new Opel ADAM there is a matching and personalized car key
The order books for the ADAM are now open. The new model can be configured online using the country specific Opel website, before it arrives at the dealers from January 2013.

First Opel car in trendy A segment is simply unique

Thanks to the arrival of the new ADAM, the Opel brand is opening up the growing fashion led A segment. With its compact measurements the ADAM is a nimble and sprightly three door car that is not only suited to urban traffic. Up to four people can enjoy the superb “Made in Germany” build quality and the cabin which feels particularly spacious for a vehicle of its segment. On the outside, the Opel ADAM combines bold design with virtually unlimited potential for customization.

Opel ADAM IntelliLink system
The ADAM offers premium technologies that are normally only to be found in higher vehicle segments. These include the new IntelliLink onboard infotainment system (300 euro). This device integrates smartphones (Android and Apple iOS) in the vehicle. Other features that go well with the ADAM include the Advanced Park Assist II (APA 2) which automatically steers the car into a parking slot and is always combined with the side blind spot alert (580 euro). Electric power steering is standard across all ADAMs together with the CITY mode that offers light touch steering and is the perfect match for a trendy, urban car. The fully integrated FlexFix bike carrier makes urban mobility even more attractive and easy. 

Opel ADAM JAM FlexFix bike carrier

Ready for its sales launch three efficient gasoline engines are offered in combination with an agile chassis geared towards strong ride performance which makes the ADAM not just at home on city streets but on any road. The power plants (1.2 l – 51 kW/70 hp, 1.4 l – 64 kW/87 hp and 1.4 l – 74kW/100 hp) are combined with a five speed manual gearbox. A top speed of 185 km/h can be achieved. All engines are available with the ecoFLEX technology package including the fuel saving Start/Stop system. 

Opel ADAM SLAM with OPC Line Pack

Opel ADAM 1.4 ECOTEC engine

DownloadsOpel ADAM catalog (GER) 
                      Opel ADAM Price list and tech. data (GER) 

Monday, 24 September 2012

New Opel ADAM makes dreams come true at Paris Auto Show

  • First collection of ADAMs unveiled at the “Mondial de l’Automobile”
  • Lucky volunteers among first to personalize their ADAM car before show opening
  • ADAM gets ready for World Premiere - “Making of” video from photo shoot available

The new ADAM, Opel’s chic, small, urban car will have its world premiere in just a few days from now at the “Mondial de l’Automobile” (Paris, September 29 to October 14, 2012), where the secrets behind its virtually unlimited customization options will be revealed.

At the Opel booth, a colorful collection of ADAMs, all representing very different personalities will allow the public to catch their first glimpse of the ADAM’s unparalleled potential for individualization plus its innovative features. Its creators wanted to make each car just unique.

As the show opens, the prices for the ADAM will be announced and customers will be able to order their car. Opel wanted to test how people would navigate through the many optional features on offer to configure the ADAM of their dreams. Four lucky staff members were given the chance to be among the first to individualize their own ADAM.

Katie, a very outgoing marketing expert, wanted her ADAM to be bold and colorful, so she went for a sporty ADAM SLAM. On top of the flamboyant “Red’n’Roll” body color, she added a white roof and black wheels with matching white rims. For an elegant touch, she chose leather seats. And for the icing on the cake: an illuminated starlight headliner. “It offers a touch of cheeky magic,” Katie explains. Opel is the first car maker to offer the starlight headliner in a small car, as it has so far been the preserve of super-exclusive luxury cars.

Her colleague from design, Pierre-Olivier, ordered an elegant ADAM GLAM as he liked the sophisticated color combination of the warm “A Star is Brown” and White. As a keen cyclist and to give his ADAM a personal touch of modern urban mobility, Pierre-Olivier also opted for the Opel exclusive FlexFix bike carrier that is cleverly integrated in the rear bumper of the car.

A self-confessed technology addict and music lover, Philipp, who works as a lighting engineer, fitted his funky ADAM JAM with the new state of art IntelliLink infotainment system with a 7 inch color touchscreen display allowing him to make his iPhone a fully integrated part of the car. He also added an Infiniti sound system to his ADAM, complete with eight loud speakers so he can always enjoy his favorite rock music and Johnny Cash.

Sabrina, an engineering manager, is an avid follower of cutting edge fashion and has an active, sporty lifestyle. She was attracted to ADAM JAM with its bright “Greenspotting” lime exterior color. “The names of the colors are just as colorful as the colors themselves,” she explains with a broad smile. And to give her ADAM an extra sporty note, Sabrina went for the OPC (Opel Performance Center) line pack which gives the ADAM a more muscular dimension.

Katie, Pierre-Olivier, Philipp and Sabrina will take delivery of their own ADAM in a few weeks. To make their wait a little easier, they will visit the other ADAMs on show in Paris.

Impressively broad collection of ADAMs in Paris

The choices of the four ADAM test pilots are just a handful of the virtually unlimited customizations on offer. At the “Mondial de l’Automobile” in Paris, the true wealth of individual trim choices will be explained in more detail.

With a broad collection of different ADAM models on display at its booth (Hall 5.2, stand 501), Opel will not only showcase the enormous choice of colors, trims and personalized options but also the new IntelliLink infotainment system which integrates smartphones (Apple iOs and Android) in the car. Interactive modules, audiovisual artistic displays and of course a big line-up of ADAM cars will bring the many innovative customization solutions created by Opel designers and engineers to life. These include for instance stylish headliners, back-lit instrument panel decors and wheel clips with different colors. A special display will allow the visitors to connect smartphones to the new IntelliLink infotainment system.

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Opel Corsa OPC Rallye Cup - Daniel Wollinger wins in Admont

Running fourth, third win - Daniel Wollinger wins in Admont exciting-biting duel with Leitgeb, great debut of Ziesler 

  • Daniel Wollinger / Bernhard Holzer also win at the Rallye in ARBÖ Admont
  • Christoph Leitgeb / Sabrina Hartenberger lie in second place just behind
  • Wolfram Doberer gets third place in the Cup, Nikolas Ziesler with strong performance
Daniel Wollinger wins in Admont (Rallye Team - Daniel Wollinger, Bernhard Holzer)
The fourth of six rounds of the Opel Corsa OPC Rallye Cup, as I was the last to surpass thriller. At the top, gave Daniel Wollinger (Rallye Team Wollinger) and Christoph Leitgeb (Eisner Car Rallye Team) one second duel in the long term was not clear who would have the lead. In the end, however, but the Styrian Wollinger prevail against the Carinthian Leitgeb, both scored well in the overall standings of the rallye, the remarkable places 16 and 17! 

Opel Corsa OPC Rallye Cup 4th Run (Rallye Team - Christoph Leitgeb, Sabrina Hartenberger)

Daniel Wollinger used his knowledge of the special stages from Admonter perfectly rendered not even the slightest mistake and was able to celebrate victory number three (out of four). Christoph Leitgeb lost on the various tests very little time, in total there were then 19.6 seconds - which most of the time lost on the circuit in Hall did, as another participant after an accident blocked the track shortly. Behind it seemed for a long time after a pleasant surprise: Daniel Zieser / Christoph Woegerer (Styrian Opel Rallye Team) rode a spirited rally and were earned in third place - until the duo on SP 10 while you cut a corner a wheel avulsion. A bitter loss for Zieser, who with his power-to-failure was able to show yet. Wolfram Doberer and his co-pilot casting Petra fungus drove the Bezirksblätter Racing Team unobtrusive but faultless rallye - and were rewarded with a third place in the Cup standings. 

Opel Corsa OPC Rallye Cup 4th Run (Rallye Team - Wolfram Doberer, Petra Pilz)
Third place on the list of results, however, went to guest driver Nicolas Ziesler (co-pilot John Polly), who could make his debut at the OPC Cup his talent. With the all-new car for him, he achieved remarkable SP times and made a promise for the future: If he can muster the necessary budget, you can see him maybe this year again, otherwise he is aiming to participate in one cup 2013. Fourth place in the Cup itself was taken by Gerhard and Romana Dworak (Remus Racing): Despite problems with the engine power, the duo collected from Lower Austria important points for the Cup standings. The next round of the Opel Corsa OPC Rallye Cup will be held in two weeks - at the October rally Leiben, the final race of the ARC (Austrian Rallye Challenge).

The voices of the pilots in the finish:

Daniel Wollinger: "I'm very, very happy. That was a great rally of mine, a big thanks to my team who prepared the car perfectly. It was very tight in the fight with Christoph, which shows that the cars are absolutely equivalent. In summary, we are now clearly ahead, but we must continue to focus. "

Christoph Leitgeb: "It is perhaps an advantage if the tests here a little better known. But I will not be satisfied, we went really fast, it has at the end, unfortunately, was not enough. Now we just have to engage fully in Leiben and the forest district - nothing is decided yet!"

Wolfram Doberer: "So a tactical rally here as I've never driven. I'm sorry for Daniel (Zieser, note), but I somehow had the feeling that he was not this fast pace can go over the whole distance. Third place in the Cup is great for us, a thanks to my co-pilot casting, which has done great! "

Nikolas Ziesler: "We are happy that we managed good debut. From a small scare yesterday apart everything worked great. Of course there are some things I would like to have specific to me, but this is just no time in the rally. We now look if we bring together a budget, then we will continue this year, otherwise we will focus on the next season "

Gerhard Dworak: "The result is okay, but we had all day today, no power. With my trip, I was really happy, but without power just goes nothing. I hope my boys will find in the next two weeks leading up to the rally Leiben mistake, because at my home event I want to be prepared. "

Final standings after 14 of 14 special stages:

1. Daniel Wollinger / Bernhard Holzer 1:12:27,5 hours
2. Christoph Leitgeb / Sabrina Hartenberger + 19.6 seconds
3. Nikolas Ziesler / John Polly + 2:23,3 minutes
4. Wolfram Doberer / Petra Pilz + 4:38,2
5. Gerhard Dworak / Romana Dworak + 8:25,7

*) Guest driver is not included in the Cup standings

Standings after four of the six rallies:

1. Daniel Wollinger 82 points
2. Christoph Leitgeb 62
3. Wolfram Doberer 50
4. Koni Friesenegger 34
5. Gerhard Dworak 33
6. Daniel Zieser 10

Thursday, 20 September 2012

New Opel Engine plant inaugurated in Szentgotthárd, Hungary

  • Hungarian Prime Minister Orbán joins Opel Deputy Chairman Sedran open € 500 million world class flex plant
  • Production of new generation engines starts before year end
  • Half-a-million engines will be produced annually at full capacity   

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán (right) has today joined Opel Management Board Deputy Chairman, Thomas Sedran, for the inauguration of Opel’s new engine plant in Szentgotthárd, Hungary.

The Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has today joined Opel Management Board Deputy Chairman, Thomas Sedran, for the inauguration of Opel’s new engine plant in Szentgotthárd, Hungary, exactly two years after the project was announced. 

Thomas Sedran and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán with new Opel 1.6 Turbo SIDI EcoTec engine
Orbán acknowledged the importance of the new facility for the Hungarian economy, while Sedran emphasized that the investment is an important part of Opel’s product offensive.

“We are investing billions of euro in 23 new models and 13 new engines by 2016,” said Sedran. “Many of these engines will be built right here in Szentgotthárd.”

The 500 million flex-plant features world-class flexibility and efficiency. It will produce highly fuel-efficient gasoline and diesel engines. It will have the ability to swiftly adapt production in response to changing market demand. The plant will have more than 800 employees and manufacture half-a-million engines per year at full capacity. 
New 1.6 Turbo SIDI EcoTec EURO 6 petrol engine
The first 1.6 liter mid-size gasoline engines that roll off the line will power the new Opel Astra range with its new four door sedan. It had its world premiere last month at the Moscow International Motor Show. The engines provide extraordinarily high maximum torque along with significantly reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. All of the new generation Opel engines built in Szentgotthárd will meet the strict future EURO 6 emissions standard.

As one of the most sophisticated engine plants in the world, the Szentgotthárd facility will play a key role within the European Opel manufacturing network. It will also deepen Opel’s business relationship with Hungarian suppliers and enhance the role of Opel in the local economy and job market.

History, tradition and the Opel brand in Hungary

The new investment in Szentgotthárd has almost doubled the amount that Opel invested over the past two decades in Hungary.  In the early 1990s, Opel became the first international automotive company to invest there and the first automaker to build passenger cars in the country. The start of engine production at the new facility in Szentgotthárd coincides with the 20th anniversary of the production of the first Opel Astra in Hungary.
Opel Hungary plant Szentgotthárd

Over the past 20 years, more than 7 million engines and 5.5 million cylinder heads have been produced in Szentgotthárd. Opel’s footprint in Hungary is the key to a multitude of business opportunities for Hungarian companies. In 2011, the Hungarian suppliers of Opel/Vauxhall operations in Europe had a turnover of around 400 million.

Supported by its strong industrial background, Opel has been among the top three brands in terms of new car registrations in Hungary over the past 20 years. Opel continues to be the number one passenger car brand in the country, with nearly 11 percent market share.