Monday, 24 September 2012

New Opel ADAM makes dreams come true at Paris Auto Show

  • First collection of ADAMs unveiled at the “Mondial de l’Automobile”
  • Lucky volunteers among first to personalize their ADAM car before show opening
  • ADAM gets ready for World Premiere - “Making of” video from photo shoot available

The new ADAM, Opel’s chic, small, urban car will have its world premiere in just a few days from now at the “Mondial de l’Automobile” (Paris, September 29 to October 14, 2012), where the secrets behind its virtually unlimited customization options will be revealed.

At the Opel booth, a colorful collection of ADAMs, all representing very different personalities will allow the public to catch their first glimpse of the ADAM’s unparalleled potential for individualization plus its innovative features. Its creators wanted to make each car just unique.

As the show opens, the prices for the ADAM will be announced and customers will be able to order their car. Opel wanted to test how people would navigate through the many optional features on offer to configure the ADAM of their dreams. Four lucky staff members were given the chance to be among the first to individualize their own ADAM.

Katie, a very outgoing marketing expert, wanted her ADAM to be bold and colorful, so she went for a sporty ADAM SLAM. On top of the flamboyant “Red’n’Roll” body color, she added a white roof and black wheels with matching white rims. For an elegant touch, she chose leather seats. And for the icing on the cake: an illuminated starlight headliner. “It offers a touch of cheeky magic,” Katie explains. Opel is the first car maker to offer the starlight headliner in a small car, as it has so far been the preserve of super-exclusive luxury cars.

Her colleague from design, Pierre-Olivier, ordered an elegant ADAM GLAM as he liked the sophisticated color combination of the warm “A Star is Brown” and White. As a keen cyclist and to give his ADAM a personal touch of modern urban mobility, Pierre-Olivier also opted for the Opel exclusive FlexFix bike carrier that is cleverly integrated in the rear bumper of the car.

A self-confessed technology addict and music lover, Philipp, who works as a lighting engineer, fitted his funky ADAM JAM with the new state of art IntelliLink infotainment system with a 7 inch color touchscreen display allowing him to make his iPhone a fully integrated part of the car. He also added an Infiniti sound system to his ADAM, complete with eight loud speakers so he can always enjoy his favorite rock music and Johnny Cash.

Sabrina, an engineering manager, is an avid follower of cutting edge fashion and has an active, sporty lifestyle. She was attracted to ADAM JAM with its bright “Greenspotting” lime exterior color. “The names of the colors are just as colorful as the colors themselves,” she explains with a broad smile. And to give her ADAM an extra sporty note, Sabrina went for the OPC (Opel Performance Center) line pack which gives the ADAM a more muscular dimension.

Katie, Pierre-Olivier, Philipp and Sabrina will take delivery of their own ADAM in a few weeks. To make their wait a little easier, they will visit the other ADAMs on show in Paris.

Impressively broad collection of ADAMs in Paris

The choices of the four ADAM test pilots are just a handful of the virtually unlimited customizations on offer. At the “Mondial de l’Automobile” in Paris, the true wealth of individual trim choices will be explained in more detail.

With a broad collection of different ADAM models on display at its booth (Hall 5.2, stand 501), Opel will not only showcase the enormous choice of colors, trims and personalized options but also the new IntelliLink infotainment system which integrates smartphones (Apple iOs and Android) in the car. Interactive modules, audiovisual artistic displays and of course a big line-up of ADAM cars will bring the many innovative customization solutions created by Opel designers and engineers to life. These include for instance stylish headliners, back-lit instrument panel decors and wheel clips with different colors. A special display will allow the visitors to connect smartphones to the new IntelliLink infotainment system.

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