Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Opel Management Board presents strategy “Drive Opel 2022” to dealers

Applause for the ADAM and for the new model offensive of the company 

The new management board of the Adam Opel AG today hosted several hundred business partners from trade and finance at its Ruesselsheim headquarters. The aim of the event was to introduce the new management board members and to unveil the key points of the future program "Drive Opel 2022".

The chairman of the Opel supervisory board, Stephen Girsky, the Opel/Vauxhall deputy chairman, Dr. Thomas Sedran, and works council chairman Dr. Wolfgang Schaefer-Klug were also present. Girsky once again underscored GM’s support for Opel. “Opel is the third biggest brand in the global GM portfolio and the third largest brand in the European market. Each year Opel sells well over a million cars. We are confident that the new leadership team and our long-term strategy ‘Drive Opel 2022’ will return the company to its old strength. We’re working hard and every day we’re getting better.”

The Opel/Vauxhall Vice President Sales, Marketing and Aftersales, Alfred E. Rieck presented details of the revitalization plan of the 150 year-old traditional brand, including new soccer sponsoring activities. Then Opel/Vauxhall Vice President Engineering, Michael F. Ableson, discussed the product offensive of the company: “With cars like the Mokka and the ADAM we are entering new segments that promise growth. We are confident of the success of our product offensive with 23 new models and 13 new engines by 2016.”

The VIP gathering not only got an insight into future strategies: they also had the chance to catch a glimpse of upcoming models. There was much applause for the chic urban car, the ADAM, which makes its debut around the end of September at the Paris Motor Show.

"This is exactly the car we need," said Thomas Bieling, chairman of the association of German Opel dealers. "It represents the essence of the brand: creativity, great design and lots of innovation. And in addition top quality from our German Eisenach plant. With these vehicles the company will be on the track to success again.”

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