Thursday, 26 April 2018

Opel Grandland X Debut for New 1.5 Litre Turbo Diesel Engine

  • Powerful: New 1.5 Turbo diesel with 96 kW/130 hp
  • Ahead of schedule: New 1.5 litre Turbo diesel already meets future Euro 6d-TEMP standard
  • Optimum after-treatment: NOx adsorber plus Selective Catalytic Reduction
  • Lower fuel consumption: Up to four percent more efficient than predecessor
  • Eight-speed: Low friction automatic gearbox for extra comfort and fuel economy

Powerful combination: Opel Grandland X with new 1.5 litre diesel engine offers strong performance with high climate friendliness and environmental compatibility.

Opel Grandland X compact Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) is bringing a new advanced diesel engine to the brand’s powertrain portfolio. The new 1.5 litre, four cylinder, turbocharged diesel making its debut in the Opel Grandland X is more powerful and more economical than the engine it replaces. The new powertrain is designed to meet strict future emissions requirements thanks to an innovative oxidation catalyst/NOx adsorber coupled with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR).

Opel is bringing the new 96 kW/130 hp diesel to the market in the Grandland X with a six-speed manual transmission (fuel consumption[1] urban 4.7-4.7 l/100 km, extra-urban 3.9-3.8 l/100 km, combined 4.2-4.1 l/100 km, 110-108 g/km CO2). Maximum torque is 300 Nm at 1750 rpm. The new engine is equipped with fuel-saving Start/Stop.

In comparison to its predecessor, the 88 kW/120 hp 1.6 litre diesel with six-speed manual transmission (NEDC diesel consumption urban 4.9-4.7 l/100 km, extra-urban 3.9-3.5 l/100 km, combined 4.3-4.0 l/100 km, 111-104 g/km CO2), the new 130 hp 1.5 litre engine in the Opel Grandland X delivers fuel economy improved by up to four percent. This has been achieved through the reduction in displacement and friction, the optimized combustion system with patented piston geometry and the increased exhaust gas recirculation (enabled by a high-efficiency heat exchanger).

Christian Müller, Managing Director Engineering Opel Automobile GmbH: “The high-tech design of the new 1.5 litre turbo diesel in the Opel Grandland X enables customers to combine the fun of a compact sports utility vehicle with the powerful performance, strong climate friendliness and high environmental compatibility of an advanced diesel engine.”

Clean, compact: Fully integrated after-treatment system with NOx adsorber and SCR

The cylinder head with integrated air intake manifold and the crankcase of the new 1.5 litre diesel are made of lightweight aluminium, while the four valves per cylinder are activated by dual overhead camshafts. The common rail direct injection system operates at up to 2,000 bar, with fuel entering the combustion chambers through eight-hole injector nozzles. The new engine is equipped with a turbocharger featuring variable geometry turbine vanes (VGT), which are activated electrically.

For optimum exhaust after-treatment, the emissions reduction system – consisting of a passive oxidation catalyst/NOx adsorber, AdBlue injector, SCR catalyst and Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) – is grouped together as a compact single unit, as near as possible to the engine. The NOx adsorber acts as a cold start catalyst, reducing NOx emissions at temperatures below the SCR light-off. With this innovative technology the new 1.5 litre diesel meets the strict Euro 6d-TEMP standard for NOx.

The future-oriented design of the new diesel reduces weight and offers significant potential for the future, with the compact dimensions allowing integration in cars of various sizes and in the most compact engine compartments. This give designers more freedom in terms of styling.

Eight-speed automatic for higher comfort and excellent fuel economy

The new engine is also available with an advanced new eight-speed automatic transmission that not only offers seamless shifting, but thanks to its low friction design also further reduces fuel consumption and emissions (fuel consumption[2] urban 4.5-4.4 l/100 km, extra-urban 4.0-3.9 l/100 km, combined 4.2-4.1 l/100 km, 109-108 g/km CO2).

With the new 1.5 litre power unit and the newly introduced 130 kW/177 hp 2.0 litre Turbo Diesel engine (fuel consumption[3] urban 5.3-5.3 l/100 km, extra-urban 4.6-4.5 l/100 km, combined 4.9-4.8 l/100 km, 128-126 g/km CO2) Opel  Grandland X customers can now choose from two powerful, yet very fuel efficient climate-friendly and pro-environmental diesels, which both comply with the strict Euro 6d-temp standard that will become mandatory for newly registered cars in September 2019. 

Therefore, they are not affected by potential urban diesel bans. By 2020, Opel will also offer the Grandland X as the brand’s first plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV).

 1] WLTP measurements converted to NEDC values for comparison purposes.
[2] WLTP measurements converted to NEDC values for comparison purposes.
[3] WLTP measurements converted to NEDC values for comparison purposes.

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Opel Panoramic Roofs Make Springtime Light and Fun

Enjoy superb view in Opel Grandland X, Crossland X, Insignia Sports Tourer, Insignia Country Tourer, Zafira and new Combo Life

Brilliant outlook: Passengers in the Opel Grandland X can enjoy an unimpeded view of the sky thanks to the panoramic glass sunroof.

Spring is finally here, the grey sky has turned blue and it stays light until late in the evening. So everything is looking good, and it looks even better through the large panoramic roofs from Opel. The automaker offers high-quality glass roofs that grant a unique panorama view for many of its models. So the bright blue sky and the starry night can be enjoyed in the SUV newcomer Grandland X, the Insignia Sports Tourer and Insignia Country Tourer flagships, the Crossland X city SUV, the seven-seat Zafira and the brand new Combo Life from a completely new and unexpected perspective.

“The panoramic roofs in our Opel models make every drive an exceptional experience. The passengers in the first and second rows enjoy a perfect view, which adds to the fun and adventure. And the Grandland X, Insignia Sports Tourer and co. look very stylish with the high-quality glass roofs,” says Opel Managing Director Sales and Marketing Peter Küspert.

The two SUV newcomers Opel Grandland X and Opel Crossland X cut a fine figure with their sporty design and optional two-tone paint, and the panoramic glass sunroof opens up new horizons. At the same time, the glass roof ensures a light-flooded interior. When the sun is too strong, an electric sunblind provides protection for the passenger cabin. The panoramic roof can be ordered for the Grandland X for €700 and, depending on the trim level, from €570 for the Crossland X (all prices RRP including VAT in Germany).

Passengers in the Opel Insignia Sports Tourer and the Opel Insignia Country Tourer also feel close to the sun. The 1,400 x 860 millimetre electric panoramic sliding glass roof extends over the heads of the rear passengers and gives the sporty Opel flagships a particularly sophisticated touch. It also has a sunblind and can be conveniently closed via the central remote control. In addition, Insignia customers can adjust the front of the roof so that it lifts a bit and prevents annoying wind drag. Equipped with additional functions such as pre-selection and anti-trap protection, the elegant sliding, tilting glass roof is available for €1,285.

The Opel Zafira makes occupants feel like they’re on vacation the minute they set off on their journey. The panoramic windscreen flows into the panoramic sunroof, offering an unobstructed view similar to that of plane cockpit for €1,300 extra. The windscreen stretches from the hood almost to the B-pillar while the panoramic sunroof with electric sunblind reaches to the rear of the car, enhancing the interior’s light and airy lounge atmosphere. The flexible van with up to seven seats is a versatile, stylish travel companion for the whole family.

Soon the portfolio of Opel models with great views will be completed by the new Opel Combo Life. The optional panoramic roof not only ensures a light interior atmosphere, it is also extremely practical. When ordered with the panoramic roof, the Combo Life comes with overhead storage running down the centre of the vehicle with LED lighting as standard. Furthermore, in this configuration the newcomer is also fitted with a large 36-litre storage box mounted above the hat tray in the boot. This enables use of some of the space normally not utilised – without impeding the view of following traffic through the rear view mirror.

Opel Grandland X, Crossland X, Insignia Sports Tourer, Insignia Country Tourer, Zafira and Combo Life with panoramic roof – six signs of spring from Rüsselsheim.

Thursday, 5 April 2018

Drive in Style: Practical Accessories for the Opel Grandland X

  • Safe transport: Stylish carrier systems for roof and rear end
  • Tidy storage: Cargo compartment trays and FlexConnect solutions
  • Good protection: Child seats for all ages, partition grid for rear compartment
  • Great looks: Light alloy wheel designs and OPC Line styling

Perfect for travelling: With lots of interior space, a roof-box on top for more luggage and bicycles on the bike-carrier, the Opel Grandland X is the ideal car for the holidays.

The Opel Grandland X impresses at first glance with its sporty, elegant design in characteristic SUV style. Following in the footsteps of the successful Mokka X and Crossland X, the youngest member of Opel’s X-Family also features a host of top technologies and assistance systems that make travel safer and more relaxing. But that’s not all: Opel offers an array of extras for the compact SUV newcomer including tailored, high-quality original Opel accessories as well as selected products from market-leading partners to make the Grandland X even more individual and practical. The selection ranges from transport and carrier systems, comfort and safety equipment to wheels and tyres as well as styling and OPC Line elements.

X marks the spot for sport and leisure: With Opel transport and carrier systems

All aboard: If the large trunk of the Opel Grandland X is not enough for all the holiday luggage, the rest can be stowed away in practical and stylish roof-boxes.

Being flexible enough to hit the road with your own sports equipment on board is no problem with the Opel Grandland X. If the compact SUV’s up to 1,652-litre load volume is not sufficient, Opel has a large selection of flexible transport and carrier systems on offer. With the aluminium base carrier and a wide range of corresponding carrier systems from Opel partner Thule, Grandland X customers can create lots of additional storage space. For example, bicycles can be transported practically, easily and safely with various Thule rear-mounted bike racks. In addition, boxes in various designs and sizes can be comfortably mounted on the base roof carrier, including for example, the white Opel roof box with pre-installed Power-Click attachment system. The 2,050 x 840 x 450 millimetre box can be easily loaded and unloaded from both sides. It increases the Opel Grandland X’s storage volume by up to 460 litres. Thanks to the forward position of the roof box, access to the trunk remains unaffected.

Thanks to the clever transport system, even bulky water sports equipment can be easily stowed on the Opel Grandland X’s roof. The aluminium surfboard carrier available for €99.90 (All prices RRP including VAT in Germany. Additional installation costs may apply for certain parts.) can be fastened to the base carrier quickly and easily. Straps to secure the cargo are part of the trim package. Ski and snowboard carriers are also offered for the Grandland X for those who prefer ski slopes to waves.

Easy access to the roof rack systems is ensured by the tailored aluminium side steps that sit snuggly beneath the doors and between the front and rear wheel arches. With a stainless steel top plate, they are not only resilient but simultaneously an exquisite eye-catcher that emphasise the sporty and elegant look of the SUV.

Neat and clean: Perfectly organised, safe storage and interior compartment

To keep the car clean after a bike tour through the great and sometimes muddy outdoors, a practical tray for the cargo space is available. The tray also keeps the rear organised: with non-skid coating (for €70.50) and high, stable edges, it not only protects against dirt and moisture – with it the boot stays neat and tidy.

The safety cargo grid, which separates the passengers from the cargo area, is available for €217.00. The precise-fitting grid in black steel is mounted behind the rear seat head restraints. The cargo area can also be flexibly divided with the Opel cargo net. It is secured to the lashing eyes on the Grandland X cargo floor with hooks and ensures that objects remain safely in place and do not slide around.

Every trip can be more entertaining and organised thanks to the various FlexConnect solutions optionally available for the cabin. These range from hooks and hangers to a tablet holder or a folding table. Watching videos or working in the rear are therefore no longer a problem. The FlexConnect adaptors are attached to the base which is mounted to the headrests of the front seats.

Exemplary safety is also of course top priority when children are travelling in the Grandland X. Opel offers seats and restraint systems for children of all ages. Thanks to Isofix child seat brackets and/or standard three-point safety belts, the seats are snug-fitting and easy to install.

There is even more on offer for a tidy and clean drive: velour floor mats and custom-fit rubber mat sets protect the footwell and the luggare area.

In top form: Opel Grandland X cuts an even finer figure

Along with the stylish aluminium side steps, the splash guards are further proof that practical features can also be attractive: they are designed to protect the paintwork from mud, salt, grit and snow and so keep the Grandland X shiny for a long time. The SUV can be individualised even further with Opel alloy wheels in various sizes and rim designs. In the interior, features such as OPC Line stainless steel pedals bring extra sporty flair.