Thursday, 13 December 2012

!NEW! German Railways (DB) can relies also on Opel Ampera

  • Vehicle delivery to the Regional Director of the DB Fleet
  • "Car of the Year" segment leader in Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland
  • Ampera's presence in the European fleets increased by 180 percent

Marcus Ziegler (right), Fleet Sales Director for wholesale and commercial customers of Adam Opel AG of ten pieces of the award-winning Ampera to Regional Director of DB Fleet. Thomas Hofmann (left), Director Field Sales DB Fleet received the symbolic key.

If employees of Deutsche Bahn (DB) use the car, they are on their missions in future electric and therefore emission free traveling. Opel now handed ten  pieces of the award-winning Ampera to Regional Director of DB Fleet. This will take advantage of the renewable electricity powered Ampera now as a service vehicle for customer appointments. "Opel Ampera has doubled the European fleet inventory in more than six months - after about 700 pieces in March were in October has nearly 2,000 Ampera in corporate services on the go. This is an increase of over 180 percent, "said Marcus Ziegler, director of sales at wholesale and commercial customers of Adam Opel AG, at the presentation in Frankfurt. Overall, the Ampera in Europe market share is over 21 percent, making the "Car of the Year" for the full year 2012 remain the segment leader.

Opel now handed ten pieces of the award-winning Opel Ampera to Regional Director of DB Fleet

The Opel Ampera is by far the best-selling electric car in Germany and Europe. A lithium-ion battery with 16 kWh of capacity supplied in the "Car of the Year 2012," the 111 kW/150 hp electric motor with energy. Depending on driving style and conditions, on average, 40 to 80 kilometers solely on battery power to be covered emissions. When the battery level reaches a defined minimum, the power of the 1.4 liter gasoline engine with 63 kW/86 hp and automatically drives a generator to power the electric motor. This range extension a journey of more than 500 kilometers is possible without a prolonged maintenance charging the battery is necessary.

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