Tuesday, 28 October 2014

!NEW! Behind the Scenes with the New Opel Corsa E, Karl Lagerfeld and Supermodel Choupette

  • Unique impressions of the production of the 2015 Opel Corsa Calendar
  • New Opel Corsa E and Birman cat Choupette photographed by Karl Lagerfeld

Opel gives an insight into the production of the 2015 Corsa calendar
It is the beginning of September when trucks from Rüsselsheim deliver a special freight to the Studio L’Olivier in the Parisian suburb Malakoff. Seven brand new Opel Corsas in various colors are ready for one of the most unusual photo shoots of the year. The well-established crew set up the lights, technology and the camera equipment, thus setting the stage for a very special day in the studio, the day when Karl Lagerfeld will photograph Opel’s new star, the new Corsa, along with his Birman cat Choupette Lagerfeld for the 2015 Corsa calendar.

The behind the scenes video made available by Opel gives an interesting insight into the preparation for the shooting and the shooting itself. During the course of the day, Lagerfeld and his cat let their eye for design wander over the Corsa and made sure that it was covered from all angles. The video, available on Opel’s YouTube channel, shows Choupette posing behind the steering wheel and exploring the car from the in and outside thus creating exceptional views of the new Corsa.

“Choupette is very professional. She is the first feline top model,” said Lagerfeld who was delighted with his model’s performance. Tina Müller, Opel’s Chief Marketing Officer, was also present for the shooting in Paris. “There was a very special atmosphere in the studio. Karl Lagerfeld and the entire set were fully concentrated, warm and unbelievably friendly. In addition, the beautiful Choupette posed like a true star. The behind the scenes videos gives unique and private insights into the creation this unusual calendar for an exceptional car.”

The reason for the shooting is the introduction of the new fifth generation Opel Corsa. The photographs taken in Paris will be used for the 2015 Opel Corsa calendar. They will be on show at a vernissage early next year.

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