Wednesday, 22 October 2014

!NEW! Opel will employ more than 300 new employees in the manufacturing plant in Gliwice

General Motors Manufacturing Poland announces the start of a significant program of work of more than 300 new employees in the manufacturing plant in Gliwice. They will be part of the crew producing the next generation of Opel Astra. Production of this model is planned at the end of 2015, however, new employees start working at the beginning of next year.

Assembly line in Gliwice plant: Astra is the most popular model in Opel range 
Production in Gliwice plant is currently in two shifts, however, in connection with the impending introduction of next-generation model, and the expected increase in the volume of production, it is necessary to increase the number of jobs. 

The recruitment process will start immediately and will be conducted by Adecco. All new jobs relate to production stations. 

"This is another important step for our plant in Gliwice. Introducing an exciting new product and looking forward to increase the production volume, we employ highly qualified and motivated employees. "Said Andrzej Korpak the Director of the General Motors Manufacturing Poland. 

Gliwice plant currently produces currently offered generation of the Opel Astra and the Opel Cascada. The plant currently employs about 3 000 employees. 

Opel Cascada Convertible - Roof installation 
Sale of Opel in Poland in the period from January to September this year. amounted to 19 389 cars and was over 40% higher than the same period a year earlier. The market share of passenger cars amounted to 7.91%. Opel Astra is the most popular model of Opel range in Poland. 

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