Tuesday, 16 April 2013

!NEW! Transmission production Anniversary at Opel in Rüsselsheim

  • Factory produced the millionth copy of the manual six-speed gearbox
  • Overall, more than 11 million transmissions from Rüsselsheim since 1899
Marc Schiff, Executive Director of Manufacturing (2nd from right), plant director Axel Scheiben  (1st from right), production director Michael Eiermann (1st from left) and Albert Hoehn, Director of Transmission Plant (2nd from left) with the anniversary copy.

In the Rüsselsheim plant today was attended by Executive Director Manufacturing, Marc ship factory director Axel discs, the one millionth copy of the manual six-speed gearbox F40 from the assembly line. The 50 kg light transmission with aluminum housing provides maximum comfort and control can transmit up to 400 Newton meters of torque. It comes in the model series Astra, Insignia, Zafira Tourer and Antara used.

Albert Hoehn, Director of the transmission plant: "We work with state of the art manufacturing facilities. Means that only transmissions are shipped in highest quality to our customers, our qualified employees ensure their experience and commitment. "

With its entry into the automobile production in 1899 in Rüsselsheim Opel has started the production of gears. To date, over eleven million units were produced at the site. The current six-speed manual gearbox is manufactured since April 2003. The F40 transmission is produced in three series: a series of front-wheel drive vehicles, for a four-wheel drive vehicles and one for the high-performance OPC models. In its latest generation, it offers the customer Schaltpräsizion and shift comfort at the highest level.

The transmission from Rüsselsheim to be installed not only in the European Opel plants in Rüsselsheim, Bochum, Ellesmere Port (Great Britain) and Gliwice (Poland) in the vehicles - they are also used within the Group of GM. Rüsselsheim provides, for example, in the USA, Canada, Australia and South Korea, where the transmission used in vehicles from Buick and Chevrolet.

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