Monday, 8 April 2013

!NEW! "ADAC Opel Rally Cup" Terrific start in his First season

  • Convincing: Strong performance in the toughest conditions
  • Outstanding: Two ADAM-Cup cars in the top ten overall
  • Experience: Two senior teams put the records in the first race
  • Enthusiasm: Many viewers provide unique Rally atmosphere

  • Jumping hill: Opel ADAM Cup pilot brilliantly mastered the demanding stages
    Totally convincing launched the newly created brand trophy "ADAC Opel Rally Cup" in its premiere season 2013: The 21 evaluated Cup teams impressed in their debut fans, insiders and viewers alike - especially as the external conditions have hardly can be difficult.

    Night Ride: Despite the late hour huge spectator interest in the season opener for ADAC Opel  Rallye Cup in Erzgebige
    The 13 stages showed a treacherous mix of dry passages, partially wet and frozen ice and snow on the road and in many of bends, which made balancing on the ideal line to act tough in the majority. This increased inspections on the first night and the partially strong fog on the second day of competition, the demands on the driver's feeling and calculus and the navigational skills of the co-pilot.

    Despite "All wheel drive weather ": Two cup ADAMs in the Top Ten overall

    Although especially in these weather conditions, the four-wheel drive vehicles had significantly enhanced traction, it is to be valued at higher than the front-wheel drive, 142 hp ADAM alleged Cup cars in a field with up to 300-hp all-wheel training. Under these conditions, two senior teams were through with their experience and routine. Markus Fahrner (33) and Michael Wenzel (36) were victorious in the Cupwertung, gaining an almost sensational 7 Place overall - followed directly by Florian Niegel (29) and Thomas Fuchs (48) to second the Cup or eighth place overall. The fastest of the separate junior standings (drivers up to 27 years) were the first Race event Marijan Griebel (23) and co-pilot Alexander Rath (28).

    Victory Celebration: The veterans Markus Fahrner and Michael Wenzel decided the first round of the ADAC OPEL RALLY CUPS after a hard fight for themselves

    After the first Cup passage occupied race, level and time points ranking - to pursue in detail - very clear: The potential of the Opel ADAM Cup is as promising as the power density in the driver's field. So already you can hope with some justification that the new brand trophy in the foreseeable future brings top talent with German international format.

    Reactions and results show that the right project at the right time

    Were also clearly the general creed and the reactions to the common rally sponsored project of Opel and ADAC. The numerous spectators along the route were the professional appearance of the brand trophy on and off the track just as excited as the specialists and connoisseurs of the rally scene. "Just as a young brand trophy was missing in German rallying before," says the co-initiator and ADAC Sport President Hermann Tomczyk. "I am proud that we were able to put together something with Opel on its feet. Today's battle at the front clearly underlines how exciting it will be again this season. I am sure that not only we will follow very closely. "

    Opel motorsport director Michael F. Meyer shares the enthusiasm: "A fantastic start - for Opel, the ADAC and for the teams. The enormous interest in the OPEL ADAC Rallye Cup has far exceeded our expectations. Practically every day is becoming increasingly clear: Concept and Idea agree to the point. The brand new trophy is the right initiative at the right time, allows you to revive rallying in Germany. "

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