Sunday, 14 April 2013

!NEW! Daniel Wollinger gets the First place in the season opener of the Opel Corsa OPC Rally Cup

  • The young Styrian Daniel Wollinger wins the first OPC-Cup-2013 Running superior
  • Two Opel Cup teams in the Top 5 of Division II
  • Numerous spectators provided for unique Rally atmosphere

  • Daniel Wollinger gets the First place in the season opener of Opel Corsa OPC Rally Cup

    Convincing launched the Opel Corsa OPC in the Lavant Cup Rally Rally powered by car4you in the second season. The motivated pilots and their teams who have pitched their tents around the Opel VIP tent in the service zone, the start could hardly expect more. The mood could not be better. They impressed fans and spectators alike - especially as the weather conditions would hardly can be difficult.

    The total of 12 special stages were a mix of dry passages and partly frozen rain and ice on the roadway. The teams of the Opel Corsa OPC showed Rally Cup under these difficult conditions in spite of all outstanding performance.

    Christoph Leitgeb at Second place
    Daniel Wollinger and Christoph Leitgeb fought a thrilling head-to-head race. Leitgeb showed in the individual special a top performance at the end of the day Wollinger could with Bernhard Holzer, co, overall winner of the first season of the Corsa cups, without any errors and with 32.8 seconds turn the tide itself.

    Alois Scheidhammer at Third place
    "Due to the difficult weather conditions, the Lavant Valley Rally was a real challenge," said Willi Stengg, organizer of the Opel Cup. In addition, the team achieved excellent rankings in the overall standings. "The construction work of the Opel Corsa OPC was easier and faster. Daniel (Wollinger) and Christoph (Leitgeb) have really laid a great performance and reached the Division II 4th and 5 Space of 40 competing teams. "In the overall standings the two achieved the rank 11 and 12 in the most densely occupied rally.

    Alois Scheidhammer provided a constant and stable performance enabled it to make a belated birthday present themselves - the team reached the third Place in the Cup. The newcomers, Gerhard Aigner, could surprise the audience by his good performance. He was unlucky in the 4th Special where his vehicle had to finish the competition on the first day by a loose connector in the engine control unit. Aigner was able to continue on Saturday at the Super Rally regulations, in the cup, he reached the fourth Place. Behind Koni Friesenegger fought against time. Daniel Zieser stuck his crash in the forest area in 2012 and came away positively in sixth place. Rene Rieder went from the beginning very good time and was in the special always among the top four overall, he scored the 7th Place. The other placings went to Gerhard Dworak and the rally novice, Thomas Mosburger.

    Alexander Struckl, managing director of General Motors Austria GmbH, visited the Cup at the opening event. "It's nice to see the team motivated, you realize how enthusiastic they are. Congratulations to winner Daniel Wollinger and his co-driver Bernhard Holzer, 4th in Division II is really a fantastic result. I'm curious how the team will continue to develop throughout the season. "

    In fact, we can still expect some surprises in the course of the Opel Corsa OPC Rally Cup. The second run is at 03 and 04 April 2013 in the exchange country rally across the stage - in the Styrian home of Willi Stengg. The Opel Corsa OPC Rally Cup teams will once again provide exciting rally action.

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