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!NEW! Opel Corsa OPC Rally Cup - Launched its second season

  • Remarkable ten teams start the Opel Cup
  • New Opel Corsa "Rally" is faster and easier
  • Opel Corsa OPC Rallye Cup Package
  • Opel is entirely at six rallies in throughout Austria

Opel Corsa OPC Rallye Cup – Startup in the second season
Opel Austria last year, together with Willi Stengg called the Opel Corsa OPC Rally Cup to life and got off to a strong start - a sequel to the 2013 Cup was so obvious. Daniel Wollinger, winner of the first season: "I am pleased with the successful restart of Opel Austria in rallying. I am especially impressed by the professional performance and the reliability of the Corsa OPC. The entire season was no technical problems. By the end of the first Cup I hoped so for a sequel. "

The great favor with assets, rally enthusiasts and the team confirmed the organizers is to continue the Opel Corsa OPC in the Rally Cup this year. Willi Stengg, Cup organizer, made in the last few weeks not sleep and tailor the standard Opel Corsa OPC's new costume for the entire Rally Cup.

Growth from six to ten teams

All rally enthusiasts can look forward to an exciting, thrilling and spectacular second year in the Opel Corsa OPC Rally Cup. Shortly after publication of the 2013 Cup was clear to many drivers that they want to be there this year. Doberer, "I will participate this year for the second time in the OPC Cup. The Opel Corsa 'Rally' is a fast and reliable rally car, with which you can also join in the overall standings of the 2WD far forward, especially on loose surfaces. " In the previous year, six teams started for Opel, this year there are already considerable ten. "The fact that the Opel Corsa OPC Rally Cup for the second season already with a two-digit number of teams is launched I am very pleased. This shows that our offer is true and the Opel brand also in the rally area has a lot of fans, "said Alexander Struckl, Managing General Motors Austria GmbH. 

Four new teams and six of the first season will draw the rally enthusiasts and Opel fans in the Opel Corsa OPC Rally Cup under their spell.

1.) Gerhard Aigner / Edgar Jungmayr
2.) Wolfram Doberer / TBD
3.) Gerhard Dworak / Romana Dworak
4.) Konrad Friesenegger / Vera Hinteramskogler
5.) Christoph Leitgeb / Sabrina Hartenberger
6.) Thomas Mosburger / Gabriele Ölsinger
7.) Rene Rieder / Toni Pichler
8.) Alois Scheidhammer / Willi Trautmannsberger
9.) Daniel Wollinger / Bernhard Holzer
10.) Daniel Zieser / Christoph Wögerer

Opel Corsa OPC Rally Cup Package 

The high demand is due certainly to a large extent, therefore, that in addition to a totally professional structured, fast rally car and a comprehensive benefits package is included. The Opel Corsa OPC 'rally' with 1.6 turbo ECOTEC ® makes 213 hp. In addition, Opel offers the teams the technical and organizational support to the racetrack and fair prices for spare parts, not to mention the attractive prize money for the eight top finishers. The whole package costs € 39.900, - (incl.)VAT.

New Opel Corsa OPC "Rally" is faster and easier 

"The first year of the Opel Corsa OPC Rally Cup has gone mad," said Willi Stengg, Cup organizer. "There were no technical failures in the first year, allowing us to focus on the performance of the vehicles."

After the season finale in Waldviertel some tests were carried out on the Opel Corsa OPC "rally" and improvements carried out. Through the cooperation with the Opel plant in Vienna could be made possible in a shorter transmission gearing. Moreover Uniball joints were installed that support the vehicle, quiet, stable and accurate to be on the course. By the change in the intake reached the Opel Corsa OPC "Rally" now has more power and better response. In addition, the vehicle has slimmed remarkable 24 kg. Moreover are now larger brakes, Brembo four piston, in use and the vehicle has a freestanding pedals, with cylinders for each brake circuit.

The improved Opel Corsa OPC "rally" was under the vines country rally on its maiden voyage, which he passed with flying colors. In a starting field of 21 two-wheeled vehicles bestplatzierteste Opel Corsa "rally" cars has reached the sixth place. 

Opel appearance at six rallies in Austria 

The Opel Corsa OPC Rally Cup is master in his second season, six varied rallies in Austria. Is started in the Lavant Valley Rally powered by car4you on 12 to 13 April. The selective and well-known classic tracks around Wolfsberg also be at the 37th Edition of the Lavant Valley Rally for an exciting start to the Opel Corsa OPC Rally Cup worry.

In the home of Cup organizer Willi Stengg the second round will be staged. The exchange Country Rally - the rally center in Friedberg / Pinggau - leads in the spring through the scenic hills of Eastern Styria, the ultrafast special leave the drivers but certainly no time to look into the area.

The season continues with the Jacques Lemans Rally in mid-June, which the 7th to Times take place in the area around St. Veit.

The cup stays in the summer of Styria loyal, but switches to Weiz. After the successful premiere ORM 2012 counts the Rally Weiz 2013 for the second time to the Austrian Rally Championship - you can look forward to a great, selective rally, including the guarantee already own the streets around Weiz.

North of the Danube, more specifically in the Lower Austrian Weitental or southern forest area, then there is the penultimate round of the year. Probably the nicest asphalt special stages Austria be driven by rally center in Leiben from, hence the name of the autumn rally Leiben.

From there it is not far to the "grand finale" a little further north. The rally Waldviertel is contested in early November and here's highest-wheel acrobatics needed, because in the last rally mostly gravel roads waiting for the teams of the Opel Corsa OPC Rally Cup. 

Lavanttal Rallye powered by car4you 12.-13. April 2013
Wechselland Rallye 03.-04. Mai 2013
Jaque Lemans Rallye 21.-22. Juni 2013
Rallye Weiz 09.-10. August 2013
Herbst Rallye Leiben 04.-05. Oktober 2013
Rallye Waldviertel 07.-09. November 2013

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