Friday, 15 March 2013

!NEW! Opel’s Ergonomic seats ensure Back Friendly driving fun

Back Health Day in Germany

  • New compact Mokka SUV winner in big Auto Bild “Wellness Test”
  • Today is national “Back Health Day” in Germany
  • Six Opel models with ergonomic seats certified by Campaign for Healthy Backs

Opel Mokka SUV - Interior with AGR certified ergonomic seats

Germany’s respected Auto Bild magazine recommends the Mokka for “better driving” thanks to its convenient entry height and comfortable seats with adjustable lumbar support. The new compact SUV recently won the trade magazine’s “Wellness Test” (issue 5/2013) ahead of eight competitors. The Mokka’s victory is due in large part to its ergonomic seats, which carry a seal of approval from the Aktion Gesunder Rücken e.V. (Campaign for Healthy Backs) for their back friendliness.

The seats developed by Opel in the International Technical Development Center (ITDC) noticeably relieve strain on the spine and prevent back problems – a key aim of Aktion Gesunder Rücken, who together with the Bundesverband Deutscher Rückenschulen (Association of German Back Therapy Centers) are declaring “Back Health Day” for the twelfth time on March 15. According to AGR, the most common reason for work absenteeism across Europe is back pain. So it is important for commuters and frequent drivers who cover long distances every day to actively prevent back strain behind the wheel.

Opel offers the ideal solution to this with a range of AGR tested and certified premium and ergonomic seats for drivers and front passengers in the high-flying Mokka and new mid-size Cascada convertible, Meriva, Zafira Tourer, Astra and Insignia.

Opel Mokka SUV - First model in segment with AGR certified ergonomic seats
For the first time ever, AGR has awarded its seal of approval to a seat in the SUV B segment with its certification of the 18-way adjustable ergonomic seat in the Opel Mokka. The seat had to meet a list of ten criteria including four-way lumbar support and seatback contours that perfectly adapt to the natural curvature of the spine. In addition, the ergonomic seat offers many additional adjustment options in length, height, seat surface tilting and pull out thigh extension. With a wide adjustment range of up to 243 mm longitudinally and 65 mm in height, the seats are so accommodating that any body type, shape or size can find a comfortable and relaxed seating position. In combination with the steering wheel’s height and longitudinal adjustment, the Mokka fits perfectly to every driver.

Opel Meriva MPV - First car with AGR certification for integrated ergonomics system
The Opel Meriva also proves to be a true back friendly car. It is the first and to date only car that the back experts have awarded the AGR seal of approval for its certified ergonomic system. This includes the ergonomic seats, the revolutionary FlexDoors, the FlexSpace rear seating system and the optional FlexFix bicycle carrier. The AGR experts have special praise for Opel’s FlexDoors concept with its innovative rear-hinged rear doors system, which allows easy, gentle movements when entering and exiting from the rear. No twisting or awkward movements are necessary. Most passengers intuitively grab the B-pillar for a sturdy hold to assist their movements. All four doors have wide openings of 84 degrees, far above the average.

With the standard clever FlexSpace rear seat concept, the cabin can be easily and quickly transformed from a five to a four, three or two seat layout, without removing any seats – a feature shared by the advanced Flex7 concept in the Zafira Tourer. The interior configuration can be easily changed, as the seats gently slide into their positions and the whole process is very intuitive. According to AGR, this is especially beneficial for the lower back. Together, all these features make the Meriva a back friendly car unrivalled by any other brand’s offer.

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