Thursday, 7 March 2013

Inventum Award for ZKW

Complete LED-Matrix headlamps that improve road safety are singled out for praise

Inventum Award ceremony: Department head Christian Weissenburger (bmvit), award recipient Jürgen Antonitsch (ZKW), Dr. Gabriele Ambros (Bohmann Verlag, President of the research organization Forschung Austria), award recipient Andreas Moser (ZKW), Dr. Friedrich Rödler (President of the Austrian Patent Office) (left to right) 

ZKW has been awarded yet another honor for its technological expertise. The Wieselburg-based lighting system specialist has won the gold Inventum Award, which was presented by the Austrian Patent Office and the Bohmann Verlag publishing house on March 4 in Vienna. The reason behind the award was the complete LED-Matrix headlamps developed by the company that do a considerable amount of work to improving safety on the roads. “I am very pleased that our intensive development work in LED technology has been honored with the Inventum Award. The prize is a reward for all of employees’ focused dedication,” said Hubert Schuhleitner, CEO of the ZKW Group.

The Austrian prize for innovation, which is awarded every year by the Patent Office and the Bohmann Verlag, has once again stimulated lively participation among companies, universities, research institutions, and inventors. As the most innovative, “Top 10” invention of the year, the complete LED-Matrix headlamps have won ZKW the gold prize. The second place award went to the Vienna University of Technology and the Medical University of Vienna. Third place was taken by Asamer Basaltic Fibers.

LED Headlamps Promote Better Road Safety

This premium lighting system allows for driving with the high beams permanently on without negatively impacting traffic travelling in the opposite direction or drivers ahead of the vehicle. That means that in the presence of opposite traffic or vehicles in front of the car, the high beams must be automatically dimmed. ZKW has made this happen with its LED-Matrix headlamps that are comprised of individual lighting modules. Cameras at the front of the automobile allow the system to automatically shut off specific LEDs. The dynamic dimming takes place without any moving parts in the headlamps, thus decreasing the risk of faults or failures as well as providing excellent optical precision. With its new LED-Matrix lighting system, ZKW is contributing in a big way towards improving safety on the roads. 

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