Thursday, 23 January 2014

!NEW! Opel Meriva MPV - Adaptive Forward Lighting (AFL)

Adaptive Forward Lighting (AFL)

Night driving always has the potential to generate stress. 82% of all car accidents happen at night. Opel Meriva´s advanced halogen AFL system projects the headlamp beam into bends, with extra side illumination in tight corners. The result ? Less stress, more safety and driving fun. New Opel Meriva makes new automatic lighting functions and LED daytime running lights for optimum visibility in any environment and driving situation.

New Opel Meriva MPV - Adaptive Forward Lighting (AFL) with LED Daytime Running Lights (DRL)

 - Depending on speed and steering input, the headlights swivel up to 15˚ in bends in either direction

-  Additional projectors are automatically activated, providing 90˚ side illumination on corners and tight bends

-  To assist the driver's orientation when parking, the static cornering light goes on to illuminate the parking area when reversing

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