Thursday, 1 August 2013

!NEW! Infotainment in New Opel Insignia: Innovative, Intuitive, Individual

  • New infotainment generation with touchpad, voice control, steering-wheel remote controls
  • Radically simplified operation with many customization possibilities
  • Infotainment system with 8-inch color touchscreen in center console
New-generation infotainment system in the Opel Insignia
The new Opel Insignia and the Insignia Country Tourer – with their all-new cockpit and the latest infotainment generation – make their world premiere at the 65th Frankfurt Motor Show (September 12 - 22, 2013). The spotlight was on three criteria during the enhancement of the cockpit and infotainment system: clear, simple and thus intuitive operation, individualization of the infotainment offer, and of course a maximum of comfort and safety for driver and passengers, which is increased even more thanks to lowest-possible distraction from road traffic.

   New Opel Insignia with Touchpad
“With the newest-generation infotainment system and ultra-modern touchpad operation, we offer onboard entertainment possibilities unrivalled in this class,” says Opel CEO Dr. Karl-Thomas Neumann. “A large display, few buttons and innovative connectivity solutions for real individual mobility all add up to pure driving pleasure in the new Insignia.”

Clear center console design for easy operation
The center console has a completely new look and feel. It harbors a host of state-of-the-art technologies and functions. The control panel was drastically simplified. Operation of the infotainment system and air conditioning is fast and intuitive.

New Opel Insignia with reworked center console 
The new infotainment generation is part of the IntelliLink family introduced in the Opel ADAM at the beginning of the year. Thanks to user-friendly IntelliLink technology, smartphone functions can be optimally integrated into the car. In the Insignia, the driver can choose between four different operating possibilities. 

The new system Navi 900 Europa Touch can be controlled over an 8-inch color hi-res display with touch operation. From the starting screen the driver can access all core functions and sub-menus such as radio stations, song titles, smartphone connection or 3D navigation map via the touchscreen as well as a button on the steering wheel, voice control or the brand new touchpad.

The degree to which the system can be individualized is unique – up to 60 personal favorites can be stored. While earlier infotainment systems only enabled the selection of radio stations, driver and front passenger in the Insignia can now also choose their personal favorites in navigation, telephone and entertainment. So, for example, the most popular radio station is directly next to the most important telephone numbers on the display, which are just one fingertip touch away from the stored business address in the navigation directory.

Infotainment with touchpad: A fingertip leads the way
The touchpad is ergonomically integrated in the center console and offers a completely new way of quickly and intuitively accessing the infotainment system. Its touch-sensitive surface recognizes handwriting and reacts immediately to finger movements, vibrating lightly to give noticeable haptic feedback and making operation of the new infotainment generation child’s play without distracting the driver from the traffic situation.

To move the cursor, just one finger is needed, followed by slight pressure on the touchpad to open the selected menu option. With a two-finger swiping motion, the driver can for example change the audio source and a three-finger swipe over the touchpad surface opens the favorites list. The navigation system map has zoom functionality which can be controlled with a pinching motion just like on a smartphone. Even individual letters – for instance when searching for a song title in the database or a city in the navigation system – can be entered by fingertip on the touchpad. When just the first letter is entered, a list of stored addresses appears in the navigation system. This makes the touchpad that reacts to different, smartphone-typical gestures and finger movements unique and exclusive, as it is only available in the Opel Insignia in this form.

But the infotainment and navigation system’s cleverness doesn’t stop there. When searching for a street in the city they are currently in, drivers must just simply enter the street name. If the street is in another city, then the city should be entered right after the street. Entering a country is only necessary when the destination actually is in a country other than where the driver is currently located. Entry of the names is without periods or commas, only spaces should separate the data – it doesn’t get any easier or faster than this. The street map for over 30 European countries can then be displayed in 2D or 3D graphics.

New Opel Insignia 8-inch hi-res color touch screen

Synchronization of the infotainment system and a smartphone is just as easy. Drivers only have to connect their cell phone to the infotainment system and many smartphone contents are displayed on the color touchscreen in the center console. These include not only telephone and song lists; films saved on the smartphone can also be viewed on the 8‑inch monitor in the Insignia – of course only when the car is stationary.

Insignia drivers can control the newest generation infotainment system over newly designed, clearly laid-out steering wheel controls as well as voice commands in addition to via buttons, touchscreen and touchpad operation in the center console. The advanced voice recognition function can be activated by the simple push of a button on the steering wheel controls. Then using voice control, addresses can be entered into the navigation system, saved songs played or friends called via smartphone. All while the drivers’ hands stay safely on the steering wheel and their eyes on the road. In the Insignia Sport and Innovation equipment lines, the top infotainment system Navi 900 Europa Touch is standard, while in the Insignia Selection and Edition it can be ordered for 1,200 euros (RRP incl. VAT in Germany).

Instrument panel with centered color display
The newly designed instrument panel with an up to 8-inch high-resolution color display also contributes to the driver’s optimal information overview. In addition to the classic readouts like speed, rpm and fuel tank level, further driver-defined details on navigation, smartphone use and audio options are directly in the driver’s line of sight.

Newly designed instrument panel with customizable 8-inch high-res color display in the new Opel Insignia

Similar to the infotainment system display in the center console, the most important functions can be called up here on the starting screen and then the sub-menus selected. To do this, the driver uses the buttons on the right side of the steering wheel. The steering wheel buttons on the left are to control safety functions such as cruise control or the speed limiter. So Insignia drivers not only benefit from a multi-functional, customizable infotainment system, but also from an instrument panel with a centrally located, color display that can be tailored to individual needs and preferences.

The corresponding sound experience is provided by the state-of-the-art Bose Sound System. Up to nine loudspeakers, two subwoofers, four broadband loudspeakers, tweeters and a digital sound processor ensure Insignia passengers enjoy ultimate musical entertainment for just 580 euros (RRP incl. VAT in Germany).

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