Tuesday, 7 March 2017

!NEW! Opel Exclusive Debuts in Geneva: Your Car, Your Choice, Your Color

    Make it yours: New Opel Exclusive program will allow customers to choose from an unlimited amount of colors for their new Insignia.

    • New level of personalization: New Opel Exclusive concept presented at Geneva Motor Show
    • Unlimited choice: Customers can now stand out with the color of their choice
    • Additional options: Exclusive wheels, leather options and design details available
    •   Style and profile: 4K digital showroom to configure and share

    When Opel launched the ADAM in 2013, it not only marked the introduction of a new small car to the market – it also tapped in to the increasing demand for more personalization and individualization. 

    Ever since then, the company has been looking into extending this service and introducing a program that allows a growing amount of customers to configure their car according to their own personal taste. With the introduction of the new Opel Insignia, the Rüsselsheim-based carmaker will offer a new level of individualization called Opel Exclusive. In a first step, it will provide Opel Insignia buyers with an unlimited choice of colors and a selection of alloy wheels. Later, customers will also have access to an assortment of leather options and other design details that will enable them to create a car that stands out from the crowd and reflects their personal choice.

    Selecting the perfect color for a new car can sometimes prove to be more difficult than first meets the eye. The red offered by the carmaker might be too dark, the blue too light or the green tone too close to mint according to personal taste. Therefore, customers sometimes have to accept a compromise when purchasing the car they really want. Opel will be the first volume manufacturer to introduce a solution for this conundrum with the launch of the Opel Exclusive program during the Geneva Motor Show. However, despite the name maybe suggesting otherwise – Exclusive does not mean elitist or only accessible to a select few. Instead, the name reflects Opel’s desire to give customers the chance to create something that is exclusive to their own personal taste, enabling them to reward themselves via personal expression in a way that adds value for them.

    “Opel Exclusive almost knows no limits. Individualized colors, customizable design details and inimitable comfort features help you create the Insignia of your choice and exactly how you want it. Literally unique to you,” said Opel CMO Tina Müller.

    Stand out from the crowd with your exclusive color

    When customizing their new Opel Insignia, Opel Exclusive customers can choose from up to 15 pre-defined colors ranging from Electric Yellow to Pure Black or from Scorpio Grey to Power Blue. These are available in addition to the regular colors and solely available to Opel Exclusive clients. However, this is by no means all. Customers looking for even more individualization can create their own color no matter whether it is the shade of their favorite silk tie or the color of the eyes of a loved one. 

    The Opel experts will match the color when a sample is provided so that everybody can have a car in their preferred color.

    With the choice of color made, Opel Exclusive customers can add a further level of customization by selecting what they want the paintwork to say about them. Opel will offer three distinctive finishes. The tri-coat paint finish is an innovative mixing ratio. It owes its intensive and smooth appearance to the three-layer coating. The metallic paint finish reflects more incident light, which gives the paint its sparkling shine. And the pearl paint finish dazzles with fine layers of crystals embedded in the paint finish that help bring out an exceptionally natural pearly shine.

    In addition to the choice of color and paint finish, Opel Exclusive will also offer a selection of four new and exclusive alloy wheels to help customers create their own unique car. Ranging from 18 to 20 inches, the wheels bring a new level of pure dynamism to the Insignia with their breathtaking design. Additionally, going forward Opel will offer a range of exclusive leather options and decorative design elements so that customers can customize the car even further.

    New digital showroom to configure and share

    As part of the Exclusive program, Opel will also be exploring new digital solutions such as showroom images in 4K, an ultra-high definition resolution, and augmented reality to allow customers to easily experience their new vehicle in amazing definition while enjoying an immersive experience. The focus is on creating state-of-the-art digital experiences following the mobile first principle and allowing customers wherever they are to experiment when configuring their own personal car. Once they have configured the car of their dreams, potential buyers can then share their ideas with their social media network.

    Opel Insignia buyers will be able to use the Exclusive program to personalize their car as of this summer. Prices will be communicated closer to the official market launch.

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