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!NEW! Fifth-generation Opel Corsa arrives in South Africa

·  All new fifth-generation Opel Corsa set to continue strong 32-year history

·  Corsa redefines segment with innovative technology

· Comfortable, strong and economical: New chassis and powertrain technology raise standards

The all new fifth generation Opel Corsa will reach Opel dealerships in South Africa in March. The local introduction comes just four months after the Corsa’s international premier at last year’s Paris Motor Show.

All new fifth generation Opel Corsa will reach Opel dealerships in South Africa in March.
The Opel Corsa has established itself as a perennial bestseller through four model generations spanning 32 years, with over 12.4 million units sold globally. Together with the Astra, it is Opel’s most popular model, accounting for over a quarter of the company’s sales every year. The new fifth generation Corsa is set to build on its reputation as an all-rounder by offering segment-leading levels of comfort, precision and efficiency.

Initially, the new Corsa will be made available with Opel’s state-of-the-art three-cylinder 1.0-litre turbocharged ecoFLEX engine with three trim levels: Cosmo, Enjoy, and Essentia.

“We have shifted the goal posts with a totally convincing and desirable small car that makes driving easier and more fun. The new Corsa has class leading connectivity, convenience and comfort as well as driving satisfaction,” says Opel Brand Manager at General Motors South Africa, Christopher Cradock.

“Affordability and value-for-money have always been Corsa hallmarks and with the new vehicle, these are set to continue. We have ensured that all derivatives in the new Corsa range adopt a no-compromise approach to those most important vehicle aspects, along with the availability of ‘option packs’ to enhance the vehicle to the owner’s taste and satisfaction.”

With its inspiring design, innovative technology and engaging drive, the new Corsa will appeal to single men and women, professionals with young families, and young-at-heart drivers who love great cars and want something that will set them apart from the crowd.

Sculptural artistry meets German engineering

The exterior design of the new Corsa is all about dramatic surfaces with crisp sculptured lines. As with the ADAM, the design of the new Corsa is ruled by Opel’s latest design philosophy of ‘sculptural artistry meets German engineering’. This design language can be seen in the complex curvature of all the surfaces, reinforced by quality details such as the Opel signature ‘wing’ LED daytime running lights and silver vision bulbs in the indicator lights to avoid an irritating yellow tint when unlit.

Opel signature ‘wing’ LED daytime running lights and Silver Vision bulbs in the indicator lights to avoid an irritating yellow tint when unlit.
From the front, the new Corsa is immediately recognisable as a member of the new Opel family. The bold face is characterised by the ‘wing’ shaped headlights which incorporate the daytime running lights and the low, sporty trapezoidal grille, with its dynamic chrome bar supporting the Opel emblem. The front fog lights are embedded in two low, outward-lying but graphically-connected air inlets with model-specific chrome trim, giving the new Corsa an even wider appearance.

From the side, the belt line extends upwards to create an energetic connection with the roof spoiler. The sculpted flanks feature Opel’s dynamic ‘blade’ side body signature.

At the rear, wide horizontally-split tail lights help to visually widen the car and flow through to the rear shoulders, contributing to the vehicle’s athletic stance. The tail lights also incorporate the ‘wing’ motif when illuminated, with the lower bumper visually connected to the body side ‘blade’ by design lines which flow into the license plate pocket. The rear roofline in particular has undergone specific aerodynamic tweaking for optimised efficiency and stability.

Interior with high-class materials and workmanship

Sculptural harmonious surfaces and graceful flowing lines are key elements in the design of the new Corsa’s interior. The sculptural wing-shaped instrument panel (IP) top-pad combines a subtle blend of taut surfaces and flowing transitions bordered by elegant décor. The décor spans the full length of the instrument panel emphasising the width and spaciousness of the interior.

Premium, high quality materials like those used for the soft IP top-pad, or the décor elements dressed in rich satin chrome, are all worthy of vehicles from much higher segments. Each material used in the new Corsa is carefully chosen to support the premium character of the interior, clearly reflecting a level of quality and craftsmanship born of German engineering.

The three-dimensionally-sculpted steering wheel with the small and efficiently-packaged airbag cover is designed to not only look great, but with ergonomics at the forefront. The switches are integrated into the overall design with extreme precision and framed by a tasteful, satin chrome bezel.

The round, chrono-styled instruments and satin chrome framed switches convey an aura of sporty precision.

Eye-catching: The new Corsa comes with a totally new interior that enhances the perception of high quality and spaciousness, including best-connected IntelliLink infotainment technology and ultra-modern driver assistance systems
The three configurations - Essentia, Enjoy and Cosmo – along with various décor, give the customer an individual and flexible choice. In addition to sophisticated 3D embossed fabrics, a two-tone accent colour which matches the seats wraps from the lower IP into the door trim, visually widening the cabin and creating an ambience more typical of upmarket cars.

The new Corsa also introduces an industry-first seat fabric printing technology. This unique technology enables an unprecedented level of trim flexibility, as well as endless creative opportunities. Once again this level of detail shows Opel to be an innovative pioneer.

The high quality of design execution, materials and workmanship can be found throughout the entire interior. In the dynamic, deeply-sculpted front door panels, pleasantly soft materials are combined with useful solutions such as a compartment for 1.5-litre bottles. The centre console also includes convenient details such as three cup holders. In front of the gear lever, there is an innovative, flexible cup holder.

In addition to the high quality of the cabin, Opel also made it a major objective of the new design to refine the aerodynamics of the vehicle in order to reduce interior noise. Special sealing on the B-pillar, door handles, side- and rear windows along with an optimised bonnet edge reduce wind noise significantly by 2.3 dB.

All in all, the new Corsa boasts a new level of quality, material and workmanship that is usually expected in cars from higher segments. Thereby, Opel substantiates its quality standard of also offering small cars with a premium touch at affordable prices.

New chassis and suspension

Chassis engineers in charge of developing the fifth-generation Opel Corsa set themselves the objective of delighting future customers with a driving experience comparable to the one provided by larger, more expensive cars in terms of comfort and precision. They lowered the centre of gravity of the new Corsa by 5 millimetres and completely redesigned its chassis and steering systems.

New chassis and steering systems
The new Corsa’s chassis does not inherit a single component from the outgoing model. Every conceivable setscrew was turned in order to achieve a better driving experience with new levels of comfort, precision and enjoyment. At the same time, engineers concentrated on finding the optimal balance between enjoyable dynamics and predictable, safe road holding.

New chassis and steering systems: For driving experience comparable to larger, more expensive cars in terms of comfort and precision
In addition to its 5 mm-lower centre of gravity, the Corsa receives a new, stiffer, redesigned chassis. The front MacPherson suspension has a new geometry with new front knuckles which improve the vehicle’s roll behaviour, steering response and understeer behaviour. A new, reinforced sub-frame increases torsional rigidity, while dual strut mounts provide improved responsiveness on uneven surfaces.

Furthermore, the new spring rates and damper characteristics in the front reduce the pitching moment during sharp braking manoeuvres. This results in the Corsa remaining controllable in case of emergency braking, even for inexperienced drivers. The rear axle torsion bar has been redesigned as well, and an enhanced stabiliser has been added to reduce tilting for better cornering compliance and stability.

New steering system with numerous innovations

In order to improve directional stability, the Opel engineers changed the mounting points of the rack-and-pinion steering shaft and optimised its geometry. A newly-constructed mounting for the steering column saves space which is filled with additional padding material and increases driver safety in case of a collision. Furthermore, the steering column possesses special impact absorbers.

The development of a completely new electrical architecture for the fifth generation Corsa enables a more sophisticated level of interaction between its various systems. Optimised software for the electrical and speed-dependent power steering adds additional possibilities. For instance, all new Corsa models are equipped with a new standard ‘City Mode’ steering setting which allows reduced steering effort at low speeds for easing manoeuvres. City Mode is activated at the press of a button, located on the centre console.

Another innovative feature is the active cornering component of the Corsa’s steering which aids the driver in crosswinds and on convex roads. Amongst others, the software is fed with the data from Opel’s ninth-generation Electronic Stability Program (ESP Plus). This system takes care of no less than eleven different functions, including for example, new Hill Start Assist.

The fifth-generation Corsa can also be specified with Opel’s Advanced Parking Assistant 2 (APA2) in Enjoy and Cosmo trim. This system recognises parallel and perpendicular parking spaces and takes over the steering, meaning that the driver only has to control the pedals and gears.

Well-rounded: Brakes and wheels
The base model new Corsa, is fitted with 15-inch wheels and 215-width tyres with ventilated front and solid rear discs which can easily cope with high stress. Pedal feel is distinguished by an exactly-defined pressure point and excellent controllability. The braking system is assisted by electronic aids which permanently receive information from the ABS/ESP sensors. For example, the systems recognise whether the braking manoeuvre is being performed while cornering and distributes the braking force to all four wheels depending on the load.

A car’s life in high speed: fifth-generation Opel Corsa at the test centre

The engineers at Opel’s Test Centre in Dudenhofen have tested the new generation Corsa extensively over thousands of kilometres before allowing it to be presented to customers. The Opel Development Team pushed the new Corsa to its limits during the tests: the development prototypes had to master 40 000 kilometres on the torture track, the high speed circuit and in hilly terrain, equivalent to 160 000 kilometres on ‘normal’ roads. Within only 24 weeks, these development prototypes were put through burdens that a production car would normally only encounter during its entire life cycle.

The new Corsa was asked to prove its resilience time and time again on the torture track. The track delivers exactly what its name promises: more than 900 metres of potholes, humps, the ‘washboard’, a cobbled section and a pavé track. It is a really tough test for the chassis, which will most probably never go through such torture in real life – but the Corsa mastered it comfortably. To put the steering, transmission and brakes to the test, the new Corsa also successfully completed the hill track thousands of times.

On Dudenhofen’s 40-degree banked circuit without lateral forces, engineers can test the stability at high speed. Another circuit which is used during the testing procedure has rising and falling gradients, ranging from 8- to 30 percent, with different road surfaces and a serpentine section including hairpin turns – similar to conditions found in alpine mountains.

The endurance test, which all new Opel models are put through, was decisive for the new generation Corsa. The longest track at the test centre offers many different road surfaces including asphalt and cobblestones, bumps and numerous curves. Here engineers test if the performance and quality they fine-tuned and approved in the development vehicles have been successfully transferred to the production vehicles. This final quality control ensures that any minute disturbances or doubts are eradicated, thus guaranteeing that the new Corsa reaches the customers perfectly aligned with the stringent performance and quality targets set at the beginning of its development.

Frugal, silent, strong: ultra-modern powertrain

The new Corsa benefits from Opel’s biggest powertrain offensive in the company’s history which includes three new-generation engine families and will see 17 new engines introduced by 2018.

The new Corsa receives Opel’s state-of-the-art 1.0 litre ecoFLEX Direct Injection Turbo engine. First introduced in the recently-launched Opel ADAM, it also is the highlight of the fifth-generation Corsa. The engine offers outstandingly sophisticated driving refinement and responsiveness together with frugal fuel consumption – proving that high driving comfort and pleasure can be combined with excellent efficiency.

Developed from a blank sheet of paper, this engine is the first of a new family of small petrol three- and four-cylinder units which will be progressively introduced in the Opel range. A three-cylinder architecture has been selected to reach new levels of fuel efficiency for petrol-powered cars. As some customers hesitate to opt for three-cylinder engines due to their rather high level of noise and vibration, the 200 engineers who developed Opel’s new generation unit in Rüsselsheim over the last three-and-a-half years put comfort at the top of their development priority list.

New Opel 1.0 ECOTEC Direct Injection Turbo 
As a result, Opel’s three-cylinder is the quietest three-cylinder unit ever built. Numerous sound engineering measures contribute to the engine’s benchmark refinement, as 40 components and sub-groups have been acoustically-optimised from the beginning of development – such as the cylinder block as well as the structurally isolated fuel injection system and crankshaft.

In addition, a sump-mounted counter-rotating balance shaft further reduces noise and vibration – a universally unique feature for a 1.0-litre three-cylinder engine.

The second development priority of the new-generation 1.0-litre, three-cylinder engine was to deliver excellent responsiveness – not only the quietness but also the pleasure provided will surprise customers. The 85 kW engine excels in delivering strong low-end torque with extreme efficiency, pumping out 170 Nm from just 1 800 rpm.

New Opel Corsa with 1.0 ECOTEC Direct Injection Turbo 
The engine’s responsiveness is particularly evident during acceleration from 80 to 120 km/h, a decisive speed range for overtaking, when this compact powerhouse belies its size by delivering strong power from low rpm. The Corsa makes this transition in just 10.4 seconds.

Start/stop technology is fitted as standard to boost fuel economy, with the Corsa consuming just 5.0-litres per 100 km over the combined cycle, equating to only 119 g/km CO2 emissions.

State-of-the-art technologies in Opel’s new generation three-cylinder engine include high-pressure direct fuel injection, an ultra-compact turbocharging system and continuously variable valve timing (both intake and exhaust sides). Lightweight, all-aluminium construction, with a cylinder head-integrated exhaust manifold, contributes to low weight: the 1.0 ecoFLEX Direct Injection Turbo tips the scales at just 106 kg. The engine is mated to an all-new, compact six-speed manual gearbox.

New Opel Transmission M1X
The new six-speed manual gearbox, developed under the code M1X, is distinguished by its improved efficiency and outstanding shift quality. Opel engineers have achieved greater operating efficiency through optimally-stepped gear ratios and a low-friction design for internal components. Weighing less than 40 kg, this is one of the lightest manual gearboxes on the market.

Driver Assists play leading safety role

The new Corsa not only offers a new driving experience with improved comfort and precision thanks to its new chassis and steering systems – it also makes driving easier and safer with advanced assistance systems. Particularly in hectic city driving conditions, they help the driver in a variety of ways.

At the touch of a button, the standard-fitment City Mode increases power assistance at lower speeds, which is particularly useful when manoeuvring in congested urban areas.

Many of the new Corsa’s driver assistance systems are unrivalled in its class. These include bi-xenon headlamps on selected models with static cornering lights and LED daytime running lights. The static cornering lights are triggered when the indicators are activated or when reverse gear is selected, providing added illumination of corners and obstacles.

Bi-xenon headlamps owith static cornering lights and LED daytime running lights
This impressive system, that so far has only been available in vehicles in higher segments, offers improved lighting range, brightness and colour intensity – a decisive plus for visibility and safety. In addition, it offers lower power consumption and a much longer service life. Forming part of the ‘Sight and Light Pack’, the bi-xenon headlights are mated to an auto-dimming interior mirror, rain-sensing wipers and automatic headlight control.

Opel’s new-generation Advanced Park Assist 2 (APA2), available as an option on Enjoy and Cosmo derivatives, identifies suitable parking spaces under 30 km/h and automatically parks the vehicle, without the driver touching the wheel. The ultrasonic sensor-based system, which uses front and rear parking sensors and a rear-view camera, measures parallel or perpendicular parking spots, calculates the vehicle’s trajectory and automatically steers the Corsa into a space. The driver just controls acceleration, deceleration and gear selection.

APA2 partners with Side Blind Spot Alert, which also uses the ultrasonic sensors to warn the driver of an imminent collision when changing lanes. The sensors have a range of three metres to the left and right of the car, enabling them to detect objects or other vehicles in the driver’s blind spot. Whenever another vehicle comes within range of the sensors, a warning LED illuminates in the relevant exterior door mirror. Impressively, the system is active up to 140 km/h.

New Opel Corsa, Side Blind Spot Alert 
All new Corsa models feature a raft of standard safety equipment as well, ensuring nothing is left to chance. These include ABS with EBD and BAS, adaptive brake lights and automatic hazard warning lights, disc brakes all-round, the latest Electronic Stability Programme (ESP Plus), six airbags, a tyre pressure monitoring system, a pedal release system, ISOFIX child seat anchor points, pretensioned seat belts, a seat belt reminder and an anti-theft alarm and immobiliser.

ESP Plus includes a number of advanced assistance systems:

Straight Line Stability Control recognises and tendency towards instability under braking and adjusts brake pressure accordingly

Cornering Brake Control improves stability during cornering by reducing brake pressure of individual wheels

Drag Torque Control prevents loss of grip due to engine brake torque on slippery roads

Active Rollover Protection reacts in cases of high speeds and sharp curves, whereby ESP Plus slows the vehicle down to prevent rolling over, for example when a loaded roof carrier is fitted

Hydraulic Brake Fade Assist automatically raises braking pressure to compensate potential brake fade

Hill Start Assist prevents downhill movement of the vehicle when pulling off on an uphill slops without using the handbrake

More connectivity and convenience for meaningful innovation

Opel’s award-winning IntelliLink infotainment system, which brings the connected world of smartphones and apps into the car, is available as an option on Enjoy and Essentia models, and standard on Cosmo. IntelliLink is fully compatible with the latest Android and Apple iOS-based smartphones.

IntelliLink has a standard seven-inch colour touchscreen and its home page provides access to five major functions: phone, audio, gallery, settings and apps. Audio streaming via Bluetooth and USB also includes Gracenote music management and identification technology.

New Opel Corsa IntelliLink: BringGo Navigation App 
BringGo is IntelliLink’s navigation app. It can be easily downloaded from the phone’s app store and, once downloaded, the map data remains installed on the user’s smartphone, which means Corsa owners do not need an ongoing smartphone broadband connection to use the BringGo navigation system. BringGo solely uses the smartphone’s GPS to locate the Corsa. BringGo also provides functionality for live traffic updates, accident information, Points of Interest (POIs) and Google search.

The Stitcher app is a useful global podcast internet radio service which lets users listen to programmes live, or after they have been broadcast. Once Stitcher is downloaded to the smartphone, Corsa owners can access more than 10 000 podcasts on demand, including radio shows and live stations from around the world, via the Corsa’s IntelliLink touchscreen.

New Opel Corsa IntelliLink: With access to global network of 70 000 radio stations, the TuneIn app has the power to offer entertainment to suit the tastes of every listener.
With access to a global network of 70 000 radio stations, the TuneIn app has the power to offer entertainment to suit the tastes of every listener. The integration of Apple iOS devices within IntelliLink also enables Siri Eyes Free voice control. This makes it possible for drivers to make calls, play music, send and receive messages and emails with received messages read out aloud, and access calendar functions like set alarms, check reminders or respond to meeting requests all with their eyes on the road and hand on the wheel.

Spoiled for choice - Three model range

The new Opel Corsa 1.0T Essentia kicks off the new 5-door range, featuring the new ecoFLEX engine and six-speed manual gearbox. Standard equipment includes start/stop engine control, a gear shift indicator, halogen daytime running lights, City Mode steering, electric windows up front, electric mirror adjustment, tinted glass, a folding key, 15-inch steel wheels, GEMSTONE black cloth upholstery, Gunpowder Grey décor, single-piece folding rear seats and a storage compartment beneath the front passenger seat.

Two option packs are available for the new Corsa Essentia. Option Pack 1 includes air conditioning, a 6-speaker radio/CD audio system which includes Bluetooth, USB and aux compatibility, and steering wheel audio controls. Option Pack 2 includes 15-inch alloy wheels, air conditioning and IntelliLink.

The new Corsa 1.0T Enjoy raises the Essentia’s bar with the addition of standard-fitment items like the audio system and steering wheel audio controls, an on-board trip computer, an accented gear knob and steering wheel, 60/40-split folding rear seats, LED daytime running lights, front fog lamps, air conditioning, 16-inch alloy wheels and colour-coded door handles.

Option Pack 1 on the Corsa Enjoy includes IntelliLink while Option Pack 2 includes IntelliLink, APA2, Side Blind Spot Alert and front and rear parking sensors.

Topping the range is the new Corsa 1.0T Cosmo. Still featuring the new six-speed manual transmission as with all other models, the Cosmo really ups the ante with luxurious extras, all fitted as standard.

These include cruise control with a speed limiter (active from speeds above 25 km/h), bi-xenon headlights with cornering light control, an auto-dimming rear-view mirror, rain-sensing wipers and automatic headlights, a leather steering wheel, IntelliLink, chrome detailing, GRAPHIK black upholstery with Morrocana vinyl bolsters, RHUTHENIUM décor, silver highlights on the instrument cluster, interior ambient lighting, flexible cup holders and two seat-back pockets.

APA2, Side Blind Spot Alert and the front and rear parking sensors are all available in Option Pack 1 on the Corsa Cosmo.

Affordable new German excellence

All new Opel Corsa derivatives will be sold as standard with Opel’s 5-year/ 120 000 km warranty and a 3-year/ 60 000 km service plan.


Corsa 1.0T Essentia                          R 185 500

Corsa 1.0T Enjoy                              R 216 200

Corsa 1.0T Cosmo                            R 236 300

Option Packages:

Corsa Essentia Option Pack 1: Radio with Bluetooth & USB, AC                 R 12,200

Corsa Essentia Option Pack 2: IntelliLink, AC, 15” alloy wheels      R 15,600

Corsa Enjoy Option Pack 1: IntelliLink                                             R 4,000

Corsa Enjoy Option Pack 2: IntelliLink, Advanced Park Assist 2                 R 8,000

Corsa Cosmo Option Pack 1: Advanced Park Assist 2                                R 5,000

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