Thursday, 19 December 2013

!NEW! Claudia Schiffer is European Opel Brand Ambassador

  • Fashion icon and Supermodel will be the star of the new advertising campaign ‘It’s a German’
  • First spots with the Opel Meriva and Mokka will be on TV mid-January already
Claudia Schiffer drives Opel: Fashion icon and Supermodel will be the star of the new advertising campaign ‘It’s a German’

Claudia Schiffer has graced the cover of over 1,000 magazines and is named as one of the most beautiful women in the world. Her ability to appeal to a global audience has ensured an internationally successful career spanning over 25 years. She is UNICEF ambassador and incontestably a real world star. Originally from the Rhineland, Claudia now slips into her next role as the German face of Opel in Europe. She is taking center stage in the new campaign ‘It’s a German’ that already in January will celebrate its TV premiere right across Europe – except in Germany and the United Kingdom.

In small, fine and very emotional stories, Claudia Schiffer charmingly illustrates Opel’s ‘Made in Germany’ concept. The uniqueness of Opel’s models, imbued with the German art of engineering and with clever door concepts such as that demonstrated by the Meriva MPV, and well-honed all-wheel drive technology as presented in the Mokka SUV, is a significant theme of the TV advertising. At the end of each commercial, Claudia Schiffer delivers the entrancing punchline: “It’s a German”.

Opel Chief Marketing Officer Tina Müller says full of enthusiasm: “The campaign puts across those modern German values that have also been appreciated internationally. Today, Opel stands for the perfect German art of engineering, an emotional design and an unbeatable price-value relationship. With Claudia Schiffer we were able to win a German world star who fully identifies with the brand.”

Claudia Schiffer also raves about her first working days as Opel brand ambassador: “We filmed the first commercial in mid-December in Barcelona. The new Opel models stand for great German engineering as well as innovation and practicality. The Meriva MPV with its rear-hinged rear doors is unique and a first for Opel. It is fantastic for families like mine.”

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