Wednesday, 18 December 2013

!NEW! It’s All About the Angle: Opel ADAM is Unique in Every Size

  • Greetings from Santa Claus: Opel ADAM picks up gifts for the New Year at North Pole
  • Infinite variety: Opel ADAM with more variants, colors and decors in 2014
  • Individuality: Now with 16 body colors (+5!) and 6 roof colors (+4!)
  • Exceptional perspective: Photo project with miniature Opel ADAM in natural surroundings

  • Opel ADAM is perfect car for Santa Claus – bright red body with a snow-white roof

    The Opel ADAM has made its way to the North Pole. Because as Santa Claus’ red-white snowmobile, it should of course bring lots of gifts. These include five new, fresh body colors for the ADAM and four new roof colors, a host of smart colored design highlights and three new seat fabrics that all give the chic urban car even more individuality. With all this, it is now possible to choose from 16 body colors and six different roof colors to combine.

    Photographer Axel Wierdemann preparing Santa Claus diorama with Opel ADAM in 1:43 scale 

    But the Opel ADAM doesn’t only cut a fine figure in original size – in miniature format it also inspires creativity. This landed the 1:43 scale model car of the successful Opel newcomer squarely in front of the camera. With a unique photo project, photographer Axel Wierdemann from Wiesbaden turned the micro  Opel ADAM into a big star. In a unique and creative approach he photographed the Opel ADAM in the most popular toy format, together with small characters of the same scale – but rather than in a studio, this happened near the ADAM’s home, outside in its natural stomping grounds. The idea was to use the most trivial reality, play with the location, the car and the characters, and prefer any mechanical trick to photoshop solutions to imagine ADAM’s life.

    Opel ADAM 2014: Even more colorful and individual in second year

    The Opel ADAM shows just how unique and amazing it is in original size, now offering even more customization possibilities. Opel ADAM customers can now choose between 16 body colors – that can be used for both body and roof – and six exclusive roof colors that can be combined with these according to one’s taste. A new, elegant silver color (called “Silverwalker”), a rich dark brown (“M. Darkside”), a vibrant blue (“Let it Blue”), an audacious lime green (“Dancing Green”) and a subtle warm grey (“Pink-Kong”) are introduced as body colors; three of them (dark brown, lime green and vibrant blue) are also available now as exclusive roof colors.

    In addition, three new seat fabrics, three new interior decors and two new interior colors, one new headliner, two new interior mirror colors and three new exterior mirror cap decors as well as one new logo bar color and two new sets of exterior decals further enrich Opel ADAM’s individualization possibilities. So the Opel ADAM is even more stylish and colorful as it drives into its second year of sales, further strengthening and reinforcing its role as the fashionable individualization champion.

    In addition, the two special models Opel ADAM Black Link and ADAM White Link not only offer very special black-white smartphone design with aluminum accents, but also the clever, award-winning IntelliLink infotainment system and Siri Eyes Free support as standard, all for prices starting at 16,190 euros (RRP incl. VAT in Germany).

    Photo adventures in front of the door for micro Opel ADAM

    A nighttime joyride: Berry red, Yellow and Blue – the Opel ADAM models drive past the Wiesbaden main station in the moonlight. But what looks like moonlight is really a flashlight.

    The boundaries between reality and the world of model cars are expertly blurred. Here focus is on the small Opel ADAM in 1:43 scale, where the Rhine river or Wiesbaden main station provide the scenery. The aim of Axel Wierdemann’s photo project with ADAM as its leading actor was to create a new world of images while keeping the model as real and authentic as possible. Wierdemann photographed conventional miniature vehicles and figures up close and with long exposure time, intensively playing with rather simple, but clever lighting effects. Small everyday items were channeled into completely different objects. For example, a popsicle stick turned into a diving board, and cinema tickets were rolled out to create the perfect red carpet in front of an impressive backdrop. The pictures give the impression of having been shot during different seasons in different countries, but actually they were all shot on the photographer’s home turf in the Rhine-Main region, very near Opel headquarters in Rüsselsheim. Does that sound too abstract? Just click through our ADAM world of wonders photos – one thing is guaranteed: the Opel ADAM will amaze you in miniature format too!

    Catwalk of the stars: “Spotlight on, camera rolling” is the motto when stars walk down the red carpet with the beautifully illuminated Theodor-Heuss-Bridge over the Rhine river connecting Mainz and Wiesbaden in the background. In the middle of the glamorous event come the stars in their sophisticated, stylish Opel ADAM. 

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