Wednesday, 4 September 2013

!NEW! Opel Insignia - Interactive Owner’s Manual

  • New app myOpel expanded with electronic handbook myOpel Manual
  • Smartphone scans vehicle details and connects to owner’s manual
  • World premiere at Frankfurt International Motor Show

New Opel Insignia customers can look forward to using an all-new, clever and very user-friendly owner’s manual for Opel’s new flagship model, which makes its debut at the IAA before entering showrooms in late September. They will no longer have to search through hundreds of pages of text to find the function of a button or the meaning of a symbol because all they need to do is download myOpel from the app store. This free Opel app will be expanded with an extremely useful function – the myOpel Manual.

With myOpel Manual, everyone can use an interactive owner’s manual when they are underway. Once the app is installed, it is sufficient to simply scan any part of the car which needs explanation with the smartphone’s camera. The display screen will show a yellow circle around the switch or read-out in question, and the customer then just touches the symbol on the touchscreen to immediately get an explanation of the selected element – it doesn’t get any easier and faster than this.

Another example of myOpel Manual’s capabilities: the driver wants to check the oil level of the new Opel Insignia for the first time and is looking for the dipstick. After a quick scan of the engine compartment with a smartphone, myOpel Manual will show the containers and filler necks important for the driver on the display – and of course where the dipstick is located as well as the relevant section of text from the owner’s manual.

Smart helper: Opel app shows the relevant section of text from the owner’s manual
myOpel Manual is the latest proof of just how much value Opel places on the connectivity of its cars and the best-possible service for its customers. With its revolutionary infotainment system, the new Opel Insignia is the best example of this commitment. Whether the system’s intuitive operation takes place via voice command, over the touchpad controller, control buttons or the large touchscreen – depending on driver or front passenger’s preferences – the possibilities are many.

Based on augmented reality technology, the Insignia owner’s manual myOpel Manual is expected to become part of the recently introduced app myOpel from late fall. This Opel app enables dialog between customer, dealer and manufacturer. It also offers practical functions such as a parking space finder and an electronic accident report. myOpel Manual is initially available for the iOS operating system, with an Android-based version to follow shortly.

“Customers should be completely satisfied with every contact they have with the Opel brand, as well as with their daily use of and interaction with their car. Contact with the brand is now even closer through the free myOpel app, which enables dealers and owners to maintain an ongoing dialog. And the current highlight is the intuitive owner’s manual myOpel Manual that, for starters, will really please Insignia owners,” says Markus Sternberg, Executive Director Customer Experience Europe, describing interactive developments at Opel.

There is more to come, as Opel programmers are already working on further new service offers. An owner’s manual (digital and print) individually written for every Opel model and an Opel Owner’s Center – a social online channel for Opel customers – are at the top of their development list.

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