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Decision in the Opel Corsa OPC Rallye Cup at the Autumn Rallye

Decision in the Opel Corsa OPC Rallye Cup at the Autumn Rallye: slips Christoph Leitgeb, Daniel Wollinger brings victory and title !

  • Daniel Wollinger / Bernhard Holzer triumph with the fourth victory also in the Cup
  • Koni and Christoph Friesenegger drive with repaired Corsa in second place
  • Wolfram Doberer even during the autumn rallye Leiben be "subscribed" in third place

Daniel Wollinger brings victory and title in Opel Corsa OPC Rallye Cup !

The final round of the Austrian Rally Challenge, short ARC formed the stage for the penultimate round of the Opel Corsa OPC Rally Cup - and what was that for a stage: Bright sunshine, temperatures around 25 degrees - in short, a glorious autumn Saturday between Wachau Valley and the southern forest district, where eight demanding special stages were to be done before a wonderful backdrop. 

Focus of course were the two major opponents for the overall victory in the Cup, Daniel Wollinger and Christoph Leitgeb, you could feel the tension already in the service park literally feel. The situation was not easy for both, Daniel Wollinger but had a distinct advantage: Thanks to its projection point he did not necessarily have to be first, Christoph Leitgeb contrast was in a tight spot. He had to win in order to postpone the decision on the Cup overall title still up to the end of October can Waldviertel Rally. 

Accordingly, the Eisner Car Rally Team pilot "attack from the first meter of" promised - which he implemented then: On the first special stage he was only 1.1 seconds behind Daniel Wollinger, this time, incidentally, was traveling with Walter Pfaff Huemer co. The "hundredth battle" which had marked the two runs in Weiz and Admont, seemed to go on so. 

The drumbeat was then already on special stage two: Leitgeb caught in a braking zone a few bumps and slid with locked wheels into the undergrowth. 
The Opel Corsa OPC was almost completely undamaged, but at the point no spectators, who would liberate the unfortunate Leitgeb and his co-driver Sabrina Hartenberger from the awkward position were you. Thus, the preliminary decision was: Should Daniel Wollinger the goal of autumn rally - no matter in which position - reach, he would cup winner. And that's what the young man succeeded in Styria sovereign. He finished fourth out of five Cup victories, went on overall rank 11 and chose to prematurely Opel Corsa OPC Rally Cup Champion. Second place was more than deserved to Koni and Christoph Friesenegger who, thanks to the tireless efforts of their "Opel Hojas Rally Team NOE" to the ARBÖ rally badly battered Corsa get fit in time - a great success for the duo of Lower Austria, the so best local heroes were.

Opel Corsa OPC Rallye Cup in Fall Rallye (Team Wolfram Doberer and Julia Baier)
Took third place - once again - Wolfram Doberer, this time again with the announcement of Julia Baier. The fast man from "Bezirksblätter Racing Team" seems downright a "subscription" to third place to have - in the forest area rally but it should still go forward. Finally back to the finish, and Christopher Daniel Zieser Woegerer came from the "Styrian Opel Rally Team", even if their Opel Corsa OPC in the end had a few scratches. Gerhard and Romana Dworak ("Remus Racing") rounded out the Cup standings from the fifth-placed and showed in their home rally a good performance. The last round of the Opel Corsa OPC Rally Cup 2012 will take place at the Waldviertel rally on 26 and 27 October around Horn in Lower Austria.

Opel Corsa OPC Rallye Cup in Fall Rallye (Team Koni and Christoph Friesenegger)

The pilots' voices:

Daniel Wollinger: "I'm overjoyed. We did not make the slightest mistake, drove in 91 teams that started in eleventh place overall, it was a perfect performance. Too bad that the Cup was decided by a slip-up, but that's rallying. For now Waldviertel I'm very relaxed. "

Christoph Friesenegger: "Just perfect! We wanted a good rally to thank our mechanics who repaired the car after the crash at the ARBÖ rally in record time. And we succeeded, we could even drive tactically afternoon. Only the starting position was a problem because we were in the dark. But Koni has put away the great accident and rode well. "

Wolfram Doberer: "As I predicted. Third place suits me really well apparently. Most importantly of all, we now ex-aequo with Christoph Leitgeb are second place overall in the Cup - the Rallye Waldviertel is interesting ... Many thanks to Karl Öllinger Opel Öllinger, who was now on the ground "!

Daniel Zieser: "At last we are back at the finish. However, we have re-installed a scary moment for the slip-up at the start of the rally was not without. Now I hope that the failure devil stays away. Celebrate unfortunately I can not, I have a fever and a sore throat and I just go to sleep ... "

Gerhard Dworak: "We were up to the afternoon tests only five seconds behind Daniel, but then I is only the talent and then the street assumed. Was but the bumper, but the time was gone. Overall, we are happy that the car is now! "

Christoph Leitgeb: "Obviously I'm very disappointed. But I had to attack from the first meter full. On the first special we have seen that we are fully here, on the second floor we have the waves dropped. Now we want to win at least still in the forest area - and it's full concentration is on 2013 "!

Final standings after 8 of 8 special stages:
1. Daniel Wollinger / Walter Pfaff Huemer 1:06:15,3 hours
2. Koni Friesenegger / Christoph Friesenegger + 3:14,5 minutes
3. Wolfram Doberer / Julia Baier + 3:31,6
4. Daniel Zieser / Christoph Woegerer + 4:56,5
5. Gerhard Dworak / Romana Dworak + 6:18,7

Standings after five of six rallies:
1. Daniel Wollinger 104 points
2. Christoph Leitgeb 62
2. Wolfram Doberer 62
4. Koni Friesenegger 50
5. Gerhard Dworak 41
6. Daniel Zieser 20

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