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!NEW! Opel Corsa OPC Rallye Cup: Wolfram Doberer wins and secured the vice-title

A mud fight at the finale of the Opel Corsa OPC Rallye Cup: Wolfram Doberer wins and secured the vice-title, many failures!
  • Extreme Conditions like rain, fog, snow and mud in the forest district
  • Wolfram Doberer and his "Casting-Co" Joseph Hauer get the vice-champion title
  • Christoph Leitgeb finishes second, Gerhard Dworak third, three teams dropped out
Wolfram Doberer wins and secured the vice-title of Opel Corsa OPC Rallye Cup
The rally Waldviertel, the traditional season-end of the Austrian Rally Championship, every year is a major challenge for teams and cars, but this year it was particularly difficult. Responsible for: Extreme weather conditions that brought rain, fog and even snow in the forest area. Accordingly, hard were the conditions on the special stages: mud, water crossings and deep ruts made the drivers a hard time, more than a third of all competing teams not crossed the finish line - even three Opel teams were involved: The fixed as champion Daniel Wollinger slipped over an embankment and came by itself no longer return to the track, but his car remained virtually undamaged. 

Worse, it caught two other duos: Koni Friesenegger rolled over on the first day, repaired the car, drove the second day continued - and rolled over again, but much more intense. Koni and his co Christoph case remained unhurt but thank God, like Daniel and his co Zieser Christoph Woegerer that were stuck with its Corsa OPC between two trees. Thus, a sovereign propelled Wolfram Doberer brought with gecastetem copilot Josef Hauer for the first time this season the Cup win and the vice-title in the overall standings - especially given his favorite rally, Lower Austria is still a renowned gravel specialist. Second place went to Christoph Leitgeb / Sabrina Hartenberger who had thus in the battle for the vice-title at a disadvantage compared to Doberer. 

Opel Corsa OPC Rallye Cup on Rallye Waldviertel (Team Christoph Leitgeb and Sabrina Hartenberger)

Third place went to Gerhard Dworak, who trusted this time for the announcement of novel Karger and was rewarded for his consistent performance last season. The successful despite the failures season finale Saturday afternoon was enriched by a concert by chart-topper GuGabriel who knew the burst filled Opel Corsa OPC Rallye Cup VIP tent "unplugged" and her latest hit convince "Salvation". In the evening there was then locally to the ceremony - and Cup organizer Willi Stengg the opportunity to let the past-season premieres happen a little revue: "" That was probably the most difficult rally of the season. Have technically held that all cars, shows that we have built a top car. Too bad that not all of the finish came, but that was expected because of the situation almost. "

Opel Corsa OPC Rallye Cup on Rallye Waldviertel (Team Gerhard Dworak and Roman Karger)
"Thank goodness, the Corsa OPC very safe and there is no one injured. Congratulations to Wolfram Doberer to victory and the vice-title - because you can see that he is very fast on gravel, first and second, much routine. Even if Daniel (Wollinger, note) is slipped up this time, I want to congratulate him once again to the title - the early praise was justified. That of Christoph (Leitgeb, note) is almost as fast, he has shown a few times, unfortunately, he has brought to the title by two slip-chances. Great that Gerhard Dworak just with this extremely difficult rally for the first time on the podium is that he has earned. For the Koni (Friesenegger, note) I the unfortunate season-end'm sorry, he was almost at the top part off. Said Daniel Zieser still missing the experience and stability, but this can in the next year ausschauen completely different! Anyway, we are very happy with this inaugural year. Now it goes to the planning for the next season, where we expected to four new teams are welcome!

The pilots' voices:

Daniel Wollinger: "We were great the way and have made ​​clear in the cup, as when braking in a curve, the wheels locked and we slid down an embankment. The car is not damaged, but without the help we did not want to leave there. What a pity! "

Christoph Friesenegger: "We are, despite yesterday's accident drove very fast and it was fun even under these conditions. But then we are in a right-Four slipped on loose ground in a ditch and it took us about four times to beat. Nothing has happened, but now there's a lot of work over the winter ... "

Wolfram Doberer: "The goal is achieved, we would be second in the Cup. Pity the Daniel has failed, that would have been exciting. Many many thanks to my two mechanic Luke and Andi - we have the whole year had no defect. And of course a special thanks to Kumho, as well as at the district and leaves Opel Öllinger! "

Daniel Zieser: "That was a bad accident. We flew by between two trees, where is not really room for a Corsa OPC. Accordingly, looking out the car. At least we are doing well - but the end of the season should have been different. "

Gerhard Dworak: "Except slippery, it was just more slippery. But happy about third place I 'am of course very much. A big thank you to our sponsors and the mechanics! "

Sabrina Hartenberger: "This was by far the most difficult rally. Wolfram has had an advantage with his routine and was insanely fast. In the afternoon we turned and risked nothing. I won here, the co-pilot rating and the co-pilot vice-title in the 2WD Championship, which I am very pleased! "

Final standings after 15 of 15 special stages:
1. Wolfram Doberer / Josef Hauer 2:13:37,0 minutes
2. Christoph Leitgeb / Sabrina Hartenberger + 1:56,9 minutes
3. Gerhard Dworak / Roman Karger + 15:57,2

Standings after six of six rallies:
1. Daniel Wollinger 104 points
2. Wolfram Doberer 84
3. Christoph Leitgeb 78
4. Gerhard Dworak 53
5. Koni Friesenegger 50
6. Daniel Zieser 20

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