Thursday, 24 August 2017

Opel Crossland X: Already 50,000 Orders Taken for New Crossover

  • Customer preferences: Safety and comfort equipment most frequently chosen
  • Most popular: Higher equipped Innovation is customer-favourite
  • Impressing the press: Opel Crossland X defeats competition in six comparison tests

Highly popular: Opel Crossland X is spacious, very versatile and offers cool SUV looks as well as advanced technologies; persuasive arguments that have already convinced more than 50,000 customers.
Crisp and compact on the outside, especially spacious and versatile on the inside with trendy two-tone paintwork and cool SUV looks – these are just some of the highlights of the new Opel Crossland X, which have already convinced more than 50,000 customers from all over Europe. The order books only opened in March and the first Crossland X cars arrived at Opel dealerships just a few weeks ago. 

“We are very excited about the demand for the new Opel Crossland X. Our new crossover has style, functionality and a spacious interior within a compact overall footprint,” said Opel Managing Director Sales & Aftersales, Peter Küspert. “Also, the orders for the innovative technologies and options provide further confirmation of our philosophy of making trendsetting systems and features available to a wide audience.”

In addition to customers, the new Opel Crossland X has also been enthusiastically received by the automotive media. The journalists are particularly impressed by the small crossover’s convincing blend of style, functionality and spacious interior. To date the Opel Crossland X has won six of seven comparison tests in five countries. In Germany it beat tough competition to claim victories in its first tests carried out by Auto Bild (August 11), auto motor und sport (August 17) and Auto Zeitung (August 23). In the Netherlands the Opel Crossland X won the Auto Week test (August 9), in Italy it triumphed in Automoto (August 7) and in Poland in Auto Świat (August 21).

Rear View Cameras and Park Assist take the stress out of parking

About 50 percent of customers order the Opel Crossland X with Rear View Camera or Panoramic Rear View Camera that increases the angle of sight at the back of the car by up to 180 degrees. As befits a car that is predestined for urban areas, 40 percent of Opel Crossland X customers also check the box for Front and Rear Park Assist, while nearly one in four choose the latest generation Advanced Park Assist. This system recognizes suitable parking slots and parks the car automatically. It can exit the parking slot automatically as well. In both cases, the driver only needs to operate the pedals.

Orders for Full LED headlamps and AGR seats reflect Opel’s high-tech reputation

Orders for the new Crossland X also give proof of Opel’s strong reputation in the areas of lighting and seating. Nearly one in five ordered are specified with innovative Full LED headlamps, which ensure outstanding visibility in the dark, and ergonomic AGR seats for driver and front passenger. Opel is the only manufacturer in the segment offering such award-winning seats certified by AGR (Campaign for Healthier Backs).

Of the 50,000 orders for the new Opel Crossland X, the most popular model variant is the higher equipped Innovation, nearly all of which are ordered with two-tone contrasting roof and bodywork colours.

Stylish appearance: With cool SUV looks and impressive talents, the sporty-elegant Opel Crossland X is highly rated by journalists as well as customers.

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