Monday, 7 November 2016

!NEW! Opel Names New Crossover Model Crossland X

Successful Opel MOKKA X is joined by new Opel Crossland X

In 2017 the Opel Crossland X joins the successful Opel MOKKA X in the B-segment.
These are the cars with the certain “X-tra”. With the MOKKA X, Opel already offers a sub-compact SUV that has achieved more than 600,000 sales throughout Europe. At the beginning of 2017, Opel will place a new crossover model (CUV) alongside the best-selling MOKKA X – the Opel Crossland X. The new CUV continues the trend towards sporty and spacious crossovers. The naming, which is new, different and exciting, matches the car’s character.

“Customers also want more emotional cars in the B-segment,” said Opel CMO Tina Müller. “We are meeting these expectations with the Crossland X, and offering a car with exciting design and the benefits of an SUV for the urban lifestyle – agile around town, confident over long distances. This is the car for people who want to live the country life in town, who grow tomatoes and herbs on the roof garden and need plenty of space for their children and the shopping from the bio supermarket.”

Since 2010, the sales figures of SUVs and CUVs have multiplied by five. The Opel Crossland X will bring additional impetus to this market segment and further growth potential for the Opel brand. With the new CUV, Opel will start a crossover offensive in 2017, adding another category to the existing product portfolio that stretches from ADAM to Zafira.

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