Monday, 10 November 2014

!NEW! The Reliable Opel: Zafira MPV Cruises to 500,000 km

  • Zafira A MPV clocks 500,000 km in front of the Adam Opel Haus
  • Opel Group CEO Dr. Karl-Thomas Neumann welcomes owner

Tough call: Opel Zafira driver Andreas Schild (right) and Opel CEO Dr. Karl-Thomas Neumann (left) debate whether he should swap his trusty red Opel Zafira for a New Opel Zafira Tourer.
The timing was perfect, the last stretch planned in every detail: When reaching the forecourt of the Adam Opel Haus the speedometer of the Zafira turned over to 500,000 km. After 12 years of loyal service to its owner Andreas Schild from Frankfurt, both the car and the driver received their just reward. Opel Group CEO Dr. Karl-Thomas Neumann welcomed Schild and his Zafira in front of the Adam Opel Haus.

Perfect timing: Opel Zafira owner Andreas Schild timed his visit to the Adam Opel Haus to perfection, reaching 500,000 km in front of the Opel HQ in Rüsselsheim.
Schild’s Zafira is a 2.2 liter DTi built in 2002 with 125 hp with Selection Executive trim. What makes the car special is that despite reaching half a million kilometers only very few parts, apart from the usual wear parts such as brake disks or brake pads, have been have been changed: the rear muffler, two suspension struts (without the shock absorbers) along with the power steering pump. All other parts are still the originals.

Polished appearance: Andreas Schild had the Opel Zafira washed and polished to ensure that it would truly shine on its big day.
“Apart from being used as business vehicle on a daily basis, the flexible van is also frequently seen on trips to southern Europe to buy wines and Mediterranean delicacies,” said Schild. “Once I loaded 495 wine bottles and I never had the feeling that I was asking too much of the car.”

“Mr. Schild’s Opel Zafira is an example of the core values of our brand: German engineering and precision combined with high user value are essential components of our brand DNA. Current studies such as the J.D. Power Study Germany 2014, in which our Meriva had the highest customer satisfaction in its sector, underline this,” said the Opel CEO. “The idea behind the excellent Flex7 seating system swung my decision when I bought the car. This system is a real piece of engineering ingenuity,” added Schild.

“When did you buy it?”: Opel CEO Dr. Karl-Thomas Neumann (right) finds is pleasantly surprised by the fact that Andreas Schild (left) has been using his Opel Zafira on a daily basis for twelve years and has amassed 500,000 km.
The owner of a Frankfurt-based event agency has always been a huge fan of the traditional brand. His first car was a 1965 Record 1900 L that his uncle bought him after he passed his driving test in 1978. He also had other Opels such as a Kadett, an Omega and a further Zafira.

Schild is especially amused by the reaction of his friends and family when he continues to roll up in his flexible seven-seater. They always ask the same question. What ? That car still works ?

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