Tuesday, 2 September 2014

!NEW! Continued strength for General Motors South Africa (GMSA) products in August

General Motors South Africa (GMSA) continues on a positive sales trend into the latter half of 2014, with August sales of 5 723 domestic units representing a market share of 10.3%. With total industry sales of 55 722 units, the GMSA share represents an increase of 0.2% on July 2014.

Industry sales represented a decline of 1.4% compared to the same period in 2013, whereas GMSA registered a decline of just 0.4% in comparison.

According to Brian Olson, GMSA Vice President of Vehicle Sales, Service and Marketing, the industry sales came in where we expected, down on last year again. “This reflects the continued pressure on the retail consumer. We are hoping that the decrease in fuel price will bring some relief to consumers.”

Olson added that the Chevrolet portfolio recorded its best sales month in August. “The Aveo in particular was Chevrolet’s best performer, recording its single best month with 655 units sold, while the locally-produced Chevrolet Spark and Utility proved particularly resilient, retailing 1 368 and 926 units respectively.”

While Opel and Isuzu sales remained stable, Opel’s star performer was the solid Corsa, recording the best sales of 2014 in August.

Opel Corsa recorded the best sales in August 2014

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