Tuesday, 28 May 2013

!NEW! Red-White Opel ADAM Ideal Addition to Fire Brigades

  • Unlimited variants: Individualization champion also suitable as First Responder car
  • Long tradition: Opel models saving lives since early 20th century
  • Right-of-way for safety: Opel has had own professional plant fire brigade since 1911

  • New Opel ADAM Fire First Responder Concept and Opel Blitz Fire truck

    The Opel ADAM is the absolute individualization champion – privately and in future, maybe also for the fire department. The bold urban car now also shows its suitability for rescue services as a speedy fire brigade vehicle. The series production Opel ADAM offer encompasses 12 body colors and three additional combinable roof colors – as a fire brigade study it comes exclusively in red-white signal colors. The small lifestyle car continues the tradition of Opel lifesavers – which started over 100 years ago in the form of the “Doctor’s Car” – in an unconventional way.

    New Opel ADAM Fire First Responder Concept

    Fire brigade first responder Opel ADAM: Safety down to the smallest detail

    Opel Special Vehicles GmbH transformed the stylish urban Opel ADAM into a spectacular fire brigade first responder vehicle. The study sporting red-white applications of the emergency number 112 clearly visible on the hood, side doors and trunk lid as well as special alarm signals on the roof and two LED front flashing lights is a real attention-getter. In addition, the fire brigade ADAM features an interior push-pull-rotary alarm switch as well as a portable Tetra two-way radio in a holder on the center console. The special-use equipment joins high-tech innovations like the IntelliLink infotainment system that is compatible with iPhones and Android smartphones, and that makes the ADAM the best connected small car. The multi-award winning newcomer also features equipment and technology options including fully automatic park assist, heated steering wheel in combination with heated front seats, blind spot alert, hands-free docking station for smartphones called FlexDock, 18” wheels featuring red-white color clips and LED daytime running lights.

    An especially practical detail of the fire brigade ADAM is in the rear: a special design by the company Bösenberg ensures that emergency backpack, defibrillator, fire extinguisher and fire helmet stay securely in place even during high-speed travel on rescue calls.

    Life saver with the blitz: Rescue services vehicles have long tradition at Opel

    At just under 3.7 meters in length and with a host of innovative technologies, the agile urban car ADAM is ideal as a first responder vehicle in heavy city traffic. It leads Opel rescue services vehicles into the future while continuing an over 100 year-long tradition of Opel cars for emergency services.

    The first example of this was the “Opel 4/8 hp” from 1909. There was good reason the two-seater was soon known under the name “Doctor’s Car”. Smaller and more agile than conventional cars, it could maneuver much more easily in narrow streets – very useful for doctors, who could thus get to their patients easier and faster.

    The importance of professional rescue personnel and the corresponding equipment was something the automaker found out for itself just two years later. In 1911 a big fire destroyed large parts of the Rüsselsheim plant. As a direct result, a professional Opel fire brigade which supported the existing volunteer fire department was established and the “motorized fire pump” was developed for the plant fire brigade. Opel set new technical standards with its first models. The fire brigade vehicles quickly gained both national and international customers’ attention. A famous example of the brand’s rescue vehicles is the Opel Blitz. Various chassis layouts built the basis for personnel transport vehicles carrying up to nine occupants as well as for fire-extinguishing tank trucks.

    In 1952 a new Blitz was developed, and due to its popularity with fire fighters it quickly became market leader. Its lively and, if necessary, overloadable carburetor engine was extremely robust. For some smaller fire departments the fire truck 8 based on the Opel Blitz 1.75 t was their first motor vehicle – many of these models stayed in service until well into the 1980s.

    Today Opel subsidiary Opel Special Vehicles GmbH (OSV) builds special vehicles for police, ambulance and fire brigades from series production cars. These range from tailor-made Astra five-door and Sport Tourer versions, Insignia Sports Tourer, Corsa, Antara and the Zafira family to the spacious compact van Zafira Tourer. Together with certified conversion partners, the Opel models Vivaro and Movano are also available as multi-utility, crew, emergency medical services and small fire-extinguishing vehicles.

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