Monday, 20 May 2013

!NEW! Opel celebrates with his fans comeback at the Endurance classic

  • 210,000 spectators enjoy Opel comeback at the Nürburgring
  •  Fritzsche / Fritzsche / Wolter / Gusenbauer win the Class Cup 1
  • 54th Class victory for the Opel brand in the 24-hour race
The Opel traditional racing colors of white and yellow.
Opel Astra OPC Cup - Team Kissling Motorsport with starting number 110
The Opel brand is back in motorsport 210,000 spectators around the legendary Nürburgring Nordschleife, the brand celebrated with the flash at the 41 ADAC Zurich 24-Hour Race a great comeback. In the endurance classic in the Eifel proved the used Opel cars - from the brand new Opel Astra OPC to iconic Manta - perseverance to the end. Support for the hunt by the 'Green Hell' were the racers of the many fans of the brand, the camp at the Nürburgring for days. So fans can easily follow the race from the best seats at the Nordschleife, Opel has approached the tent and storage spaces and distributed 1,000 Opel folding chairs.

Longtime partners: Opel and Kissling Motorsport Motorsport with drivers starting number 110 (from left to right). Rear: Michael F. Meyer (Opel), Alex Hofmann, Stefan Kissling, Kroher Thomas, Thomas Sedran (Opel board), Hannu Luostarinen, front: Gerry Diel, Helmut Kissling, Jörg Schrott  (Opel Motorsport).
"The Opel fans at the Nurburgring are just great," says Alex Hofmann, who has gone into a prepared Kissling Motorsport Opel Astra OPC at the start. "The most emotional moment for me was the introduction round with the many fans along the way. In the dovetail I felt like in, Opel Country '-. Those who cheered me and the other riders everywhere people with yellow T-shirts "

Opel is back in motorsport. With well over a dozen privately inserted Opel cars, the brand is celebrating its comeback with the flash in the 24-hour race
Inspired by the racing comeback at the Nürburgring is also Dr. Thomas Sedran, Strategy Management Board of Adam Opel AG, who followed the race on the spot and the team pressed the thumb. "This is my first 24-hour race and I'm really impressed. The atmosphere is unique and the whole atmosphere authentic. The atmosphere in this race is comparable to any other event. "

Opel Astra OPC Cup - Team Motorsport Düchting with starting number 305
                   Background: The legendary Opel Manta in the box.
"The 24-hour race is a fascinating event and it is important that in this great Opel Motorsport Festival where", Sedran said. "Our numerous Opel teams offer viewers great motorsport. Our commitment to the grassroots is the private teams possible at a manageable budget. This combination is also reflected in our brand philosophy. The racing cars of Opel show our guests and the many fans around the Nurburgring Opel's sporty image and promote our series products. "

With experience and routine to Victory

Great joy after 24 hours: The victory in the Cup Class 1 won the Opel Astra OPC with the starting number 303 Appointed by the Union Race Teichmann Racing Cup racer with the driver and crew Hans-Jürgen Otto Fritzsche, Thorsten and Werner Wolter Gusenbauer crossed after 76 rounds the finish line as the winner. For the Opel brand, it is the 54th Class victory in the history of the 24-hour race, the twins Fritzsche it is the sixth. "We've already been run many victories, but is particularly beautiful," said Otto Fritzsche was happy at the finish. "In the end, 'Green Hell' conquered 'experience in the most difficult conditions in the. Without a doubt this race will still remain long in your memory. "

This was preceded thrilling door-to-door duels, some long battles every few seconds, and many lead changes. One of the biggest competitors were Alex Hofmann, Thomas and Hanno Luostarinen Kroher. The trio in the yellow-white Astra, the traditional colors of Opel Motorsport, with the starting number 110 came in second to the finish - and former MotoGP rider Hofmann not only delighted with the podium. "I've driven a few 24-hour race, but never finished the race. The race was great fun and the finish is a dream come true. Thanks to the team of Kissling Motorsport who made this possible. "

The third place Maximilian Hackländer, Christian Gebhardt, Pierrehumbert and Daniel Bohr counted. The driver line-up of the Opel Astra OPC with the starting number 305 had led the class for a long time and was thrown back by an accident. At the end they lacked 8.484 seconds in second place.

The checkered flag after the 24 hours also saw the very popular with the fans Opel Manta. In the SP3 class Olaf Beckmann, Volker Strycek, Peter hatred and Jürgen Schulten occupied sixth place. Dr. Thomas Sedran: "It's great that the 24-hour race sporty models from our current product range at the start are - above all the vehicles out of the Opel Astra OPC Cup. A contrast to this is the manta. The Manta has always been a very emotional car with all the fun. This is now our motto. "

The next performance by Opel Astra OPC at the third round of the VLN Endurance Championship Nürburgring 22 June 2013.

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