Monday, 11 February 2013

!NEW! Berlinale Party: Opel ADAM stormed the red carpet

New lifestyle supermini in the spotlight of the "Place to B"

Where the community meets, there is also the new Opel ADAM. Numerous celebrities such as Sönke Wortmann, Jessica Weiß, Peyman Amin and Muriel Baumeister arrived on Saturday evening, at the invitation of the BILD newspaper Berlinale Party "Place to B". Here, the Opel Ampera electric ADAM and served as a timely shuttle vehicles between the hotel and the celebrity restaurant Borchardt at Gendarmenmarkt in Berlin.

Opel ADAM JAM and Cathy Fischer

"The ADAM is really very smart," gushed actress Gesine Cukrowski. "He fits perfectly into such a trendy city like Berlin." Ralph Herforth stressed: "On the way over, the Small shown what he can do. Agile and nimble, it must be a city car. "

Opel ADAM JAM and Gesine Cukrowski with Matthias Seidl

"This is exactly the right environment for our ADAM, it is not at all publicity-shy," said Matthias Seidl, Executive Sales Director, Marketing and Service of Opel in Germany. "On the contrary -. It supports individuality by its diversity" How well the Opel ADAM is the camera flashes, could watch the onlookers, when Jorge Gonzalez model of "Eva" was chauffeured directly to the red carpet. 

Opel ADAM JAM and Jorge Gonzalez model with model Eva
Besides her painted "Eve Costume" from vines and leaves also the ADAM JAM made in matching Mojito Green with a white roof is an excellent figure. "The Opel ADAM is like me: colorful, stylish and individual - a great accessory for any Chica" Gonzales said. The choreographer and catwalk coach, who has become famous by the TV show "Germany's Next Top Model", was delighted by the endless combinations of lifestyle amenities streaker.

Opel ADAM JAM and Natascha Ochsenknecht
The technical highlight is par for Natascha Ochsenknecht the new IntelliLink onboard infotainment system, which enables the integration of smartphones into the car. "Absolutely loved - so I'm always up to date and can also listen to my favorite music in the ADAM from mp3 player or Internet radio. And in the night sky of the ADAM I'm totally in love. "

Opel ADAM JAM and Jasmin Gerat

Not only celebrities at the Opel ADAM is extremely popular. Already received more than 20,000 orders from all over Europe - the majority of them from Germany. Just recently, the readers of Auto Zeitung to ADAM at the Auto Trophy for the number one city cars. When choosing the "Best Cars 2013" the magazine Auto Motor und Sport has the little Opel refer its direct competitors in the lifestyle segment in its place.

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