Monday, 18 December 2017

New Opel AGR Performance Sport seats: Tailored for the Opel Insignia GSi

  • Developed in-house: Combines lateral support and long-distance comfort
  • Built in-house: Key components from the Opel plant in Kaiserslautern
  • AGR certified: Aktion Gesunder Rücken e.V. confirms exemplary ergonomics
  • Fully equipped: Ventilation, heating, massage function, adjustable side bolster

Strong support in corners and high comfort over long distances: New performance sport seat of the Opel Insignia GSi.

Excellent seats are just as much part of Opel as the iconic Blitz on the grille. The Rüsselsheim-based carmaker offers AGR certified (Aktion Gesunder Rücken e.V.) ergonomic seats for a wide range of models starting with the sub-compact Opel Crossland X. The latest development in seating technology with outstanding lateral support and best long-distance comfort is now celebrating its debut in the new sporty flagship, the Opel Insignia GSi and the GSi Sports Tourer. The AGR-certified Opel performance sport seat comes with all advanced features already known from the top-of-the-range seats available for the Insignia. The integral seat in the GSi also comes with ventilation, heating, a message function and adjustable side bolsters. These features are complimented by the high backrest with integrated headrest in the sportiest member of the Insignia line-up. In addition, the belt route at shoulder height is exemplary – not a given for integral sports seats. Customers can also choose between two premium leather combinations, while a discreet GSi logo adorns the back rest.

The length, depth, cushion and back angle of the seats that looks like a king cobra ready to strike can all be adjusted electrically. The air cushions of the four-way lumbar support along with the variable side bolsters are also activated electrically. All of these settings can be saved via the memory button – only the seat depth adjustment needs to be done manually. The ventilation and the heating are integrated in the cushion and backrest. In addition, the driver can enjoy a back massage. Overall the sum of sporty side support and comfort features makes the new performance seat a unique offer – developed in the competency centre for healthy seating in Rüsselsheim.

First ultra-sporty looking performance seat entirely from a manufacturer

Normally, carmakers buy the extra-sporty integral seats from a specialised supplier. However, this is very different in the case of the Opel Insignia GSi. The Technical Development Centre can draw on a vast amount of competence when it comes to seat structures. The concept for the second generation of the Insignia always foresaw a modular system with the integral performance seat forming the pinnacle. This enabled all of the comfort features to be maintained in a thoroughbred sport seat. Furthermore, the Opel in-house development also delivers on stylish highlights: the hinted guides for shoulder belts in the back rest look exactly like the air intakes at the front of the Opel Insignia GSi and demonstrate the outstanding attention to detail.

The base structure of the performance seat also stems from Opel. The key steel elements are from the plant in Kaiserslautern. The unified development and production of the new bucket seat also results in significant weight savings. While the sport seat – without any of the comfort features available in the GSi – weighs 28 kilogrammes in the Opel Corsa OPC which has been on the market for some years, the new integral seat with all its functionalities only adds 26 kilogrammes to the Opel Insignia GSi.