Thursday, 28 April 2016

!NEW! Successful race weekend: Opel at 16. Südsteiermark Classic

Last weekend ushered in the southern Styria Classic for already the sixteenth time a domestic classic car season. Around 160 teams from eight nations with their classic cars at the start, among them Opel Austria with five teams, which provided a perfect appearance.

Opel team in Südsteiermark Classic 2016: Opel GT, Opel Ascona A 400, Opel Commodore B GSE, Opel GT, Opel Kadett B
Not only Mag. Alexander Struckl, CEO Opel Austria was pleased with his 90 hp Opel GT from 1969 to contest the classic race, and Peter Christian Küspert, sales director of Opel Group, took the sport the cult model Opel Commodore B GSE challenge. A Opel Ascona Rallye and an Opel Kadett B Coupé Rallye, driven by Peter List, Chairman of Opel Partner teams (with co-pilot Markus Oppel, Sales Manager Opel Austria) thrilled the audience.

Peter List and Markus Oppel with the Opel Kadett B
Achievements for the Opel team

The Opel team can look back on a successful and successful race weekend. Ronny Rockenbauer could reach the first place in the team standings. Alexander Struckl took the 2nd place in class "Postwar" on the 2nd special stage and the 1st place in the SP 9 "Lödersdorf". Peter Christian Küspert emerged victorious in the team competition on the SP 15 "Einöd" forth.

"It is always a special experience to be in the southern Styria Classic with this. The special flair, the mixture of nostalgia and sporting ambition, and not least the wonderful scenery make this race every year so special. This year Südsteiermark Classic was perfectly complemented by the successes of the Opel team, "says Alexander Struckl, CEO Opel Austria.

One of the stops, lead the team well for Autohaus Opel Krammer in Gleisdorf. Longtime Opel dealer presented its business in a new light. Many guests enjoyed the afternoon sun and were visibly impressed by the new look of the traditional company Krammer.

Special Guest Walter Röhrl

A special guest, who is considered one of the most outstanding rally drivers in motor racing history, could be welcomed as a special guest. Synonyms like "Genius on Wheels" and "Rally driver of the century" show how inextricably Walter Röhrl is connected to the motor sport. Opel also has its history with Walter Röhrl. 1973 Röhrl first came to Opel, several victories in the same year could be celebrated. After switching to other brands Röhrl returned 1982 again back to Opel. The Opel Ascona 400 he won then his second Monte win.

Showpieces from the years 1909 to 1973

The range of exceptional classic cars in southern Styria Classic is remarkable. In the individual periods, the first ranges from about 1908-1935, the last of 1967-1972, vintage fans get their money. The oldest model, with a driver of Liechtenstein was launched was a "Lion Peugeot Racing voiturette" from 1909.

The southern Styria Classic - Every year a special race

The southern Styria Classic enthusiastic again this year participants and spectators alike. It is and remains a synonym for sports, scenic uniqueness, sociability and culinary enjoyment. Enthusiastic driver and front passenger, exceptional vintage, the blend of nostalgia and sporting ambition make Südsteiermark Classic one of the three most important classic car events in Austria. Starting and finishing in Gamlitz the classic car season has been also opened in 2016 in Austria.

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