Thursday, 1 October 2015

!NEW! Opel ADAM S Wins Autonis Design Award

  • Best Design Newcomer 2015: Convincing win for Opel ADAM S in mini car category
  • Public opinion: 17,000 auto motor und sport readers cast their vote
  • Honored: Vice President Design Europe Mark Adams accepts award 

Small Opel, big splash: The ADAM S pocket rocket was one of the big winners at the “autonis – Best Design Newcomer 2015” readers’ choice awards. A huge majority of the 17,000 participants voted for the Opel ADAM S as the best-looking car in its class.

Opel KARL – the practical sibling of the stylish Opel ADAM – finished a respectable fourth in the mini car category.

Opel KARL 
Furthermore, the new Opel Astra claimed the bronze medal behind the BMW 1 Series and the Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake in the highly competitive compact class category.

New Opel Astra 
“17,000 readers cannot be wrong! The convincing win of the Opel ADAM S is a fantastic confirmation of our design philosophy: Sculptural Artistry meets German Precision. In addition, the Opel ADAM shines with sheer endless individualization possibilities, giving every customer the opportunity to create an Opel ADAM according to his/her personal taste. And seeing our new Astra immediately break into the phalanx of German premium brands is also a huge success. As already said: the new Astra upsets the luxury class,” said jubilant Mark Adams, Vice President Design Europe, at the award ceremony in Stuttgart.

Best Design Newcomer 2015: Vice President Design Europe Mark Adams (center) accepts the “autonis” for the Opel ADAM S from the hands of auto motor und sport editor-in-chief Jens Katemann and deputy editor-in-chief Birgit Priemer.
The autonis readers’ choice award held by automotive magazine auto motor und sport follows its own set of rules: Each participant can votes, two for positive and two for negative assessments. The final result is based on following calculation: If, for example, 20 per cent vote for model A as the winner and five per cent see it as a flop, model A receives overall score of 15. This result then determines the final position of model A. The Opel ADAM S received an outstanding overall score of 50.1; the closest competitor only achieved a score of 29.8. The editors of auto motor und sport thus commented in their latest edition: “Opel ADAM S – incredibly versatile in configuring an unmistakable look.”

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