Wednesday, 27 November 2013

!NEW! Second victory in a row: Opel ADAM wins the ‘AutoTrophy 2013’

  • Trendy urban model Opel ADAM wins by a mile in the category ‘Citycars’
  • The Opel Cascada is amongst‚ Cabrios of up to 30.000 euros in front of premium competitors in second place

Opel ADAM wins in the category ‘Citycars’
The new Opel models inspire right across the board. With the ‘Auto Trophy 2013’ organized by Auto Zeitung, the stylish urban model the Opel ADAM not only wins twice in a row in the category ‘Citycars’ but also leaves the nearest competitor far behind. The elegant Opel Cascada also makes it to second position in the category ‘Cabrios to 30,000 euros’ and leaves even premium competitors well behind. And the Opel Ampera too does not fail to electrify the public: Amongst 17 rival electric cars it makes it to third place.

Opel Cascada on second place in the category ‘Cabrios of up to 30.000 euros’

“It is a first class result that this year too we are able to take home ‘Auto Trophy’ awards”, Opel Chairman of the Board Dr. Karl-Thomas Neumann explains delightedly about the success in the Auto Zeitung Reader Survey. “It shows that our new models, above all the Opel ADAM and the Opel Cascada, strike a chord with the public and in this way, we are able to meet the taste of our car drivers. We will continue along this path in future without compromises: We will build inspiring cars with innovative technologies which are also affordable.”

Opel ADAM wins in the category ‘Citycars’

Opel CEO Dr. Karl-Thomas Neumann with the price Auto Trophy for Opel ADAM

With 35.8 percent of votes, the Opel ADAM is the preeminent victor amongst the 22 competing ‘Citycars’. It not only leaves behind the VW Up and VW XL1 (each with 19.6 percent and 9.2 percent respectively) but instead achieves a head start significantly greater than that of the previous year. Opel’s individualization champion has since its market launch at the beginning of the year developed into a constant amongst the small Lifestyle models. At the same time, the Opel ADAM achieves the second best individual result with this year’s ‘Auto Trophy’.

Opel Cascada - Elegant mid-size cabrio

Just as convincing is the appearance of the new mid-sized cabrio, the Opel Cascada. Once selected for the vote, the readers of Auto Zeitung place it in the category of the premium cabrios. The athletic Opel Cascada beat BMW to second place. In the category ‘Cabrios up to 30.000 euros’, a total of 15 vehicles were entered into the category.

Editor-in-chief Volker Koerdt (on left) hands Opel CEO Dr. Karl-Thomas Neumann the Auto Trophy for Opel ADAM.
The award for the Opel ADAM victory was received by Dr. Neumann last night in the Classic Remise in Düsseldorf. Around 300 invited guests travelled to the official ‘Auto Trophy’ gala.

Award Ceremony: Opel CEO Dr. Karl-Thomas Neumann thanks his audience for the Auto Trophy 2013 - between Editor-in-Chief Volker Koerdt and moderator Judith Rakers. 
More than 100,000 readers of Auto Zeitung had taken part in the 26th ‘Auto Trophy’ selections. A total of 400 different models could be assessed in a total of 29 categories.

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