Monday, 18 November 2013

!NEW! Employee representatives and management agree on corner points of social collective labor contract for Opel Bochum

IG Metall, the Bochum works council and the management of Adam Opel AG have agreed on major, binding corner points of a social collective labor contract for the Opel plant in Bochum:

       Car production will end, as announced, on December 31, 2014.
       Opel to remain in Bochum: the company will invest 60 million euros in the warehouse and increase its workforce in the coming years with a further 265 positions, totaling 700 jobs.
       At least 200 employees will have the chance to move to other Opel plants.
       Attractive, individual compensation packages will be offered - including a two-year transfer company.
       Training continues: 171 apprentices will have the chance to get their degrees over the course of the next years. A further 40 apprentices will start as of 2014.

Ulrich Schumacher, HR Director of Adam Opel AG: "In this difficult situation it has been our goal to come to responsible and socially-acceptable solutions for our Bochum employees.  We have achieved this together - in intense but constructive discussions with the works council and IG Metall. We have reached an agreement concerning the most important cornerstones of a social collective labor contract. I am very happy that we can now provide clarity to our staff. "

Vehicle production at the Bochum site is secure for the whole year 2014 and will end as announced on December 31, 2014.

The existing contract for the warehouse which is currently operated by the logistics company Neovia, will be renewed. In the coming years, Opel will invest 60 million euros in this area. This means the existing 430 jobs can be secured in the long term. In addition, 265 more jobs will be created.

Opel will offer individual packages to the employees affected by the discontinuation of vehicle production. These offers are based on individual needs and will support a reorientation of employees. Attractive compensation, a two-year transfer company and special programs for older employees will create prospects for individuals. A minimum of 200 Bochum employees will have the possibility of moving to other Opel plants.

Particular emphasis will be on the placement and qualification of employees in other fields of activity in the greater region of Bochum. This will be pursued in particular by the ‘Bochum 2022 perspective’. Cooperation with other reputable companies should lead to attractive employment opportunities.

The company will make sure that the training of the current 171 Opel apprentices can be finalized properly in cooperation with TÜV Nord Bildung Opel GmbH. In 2014, 40 additional young people will get the chance to start their apprenticeship.

Together with the ‘Bochum Perspektive 2022’ initiative and the ‘Lernfabrik’ project, we will create the prerequisites to make today's training an integral part of a joint training system equipped for the challenges of the future.

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