Friday, 9 November 2012

!NEW! Opel ADAM: The most individualized urban car

  • First Opel in lifestyle A-segment continues brand’s product offensive
  • ADAM offers virtually unlimited individualization potential
  • Best connected small car with IntelliLink infotainment system
  • Up-level technologies make urban mobility cool and easy
  • Only car in its segment developed and built exclusively in Germany

The countdown is on: in early 2013 the all-new Opel ADAM will be available in dealerships and start making an impression on our roads. Opel’s chic, urban small car and champion of individualization will turn heads in our cities just as it did at its world premiere at the Paris Motor Show in early September. Its modern, bold and colorful look ensures this, as does its almost unlimited potential for customization that makes virtually each and every ADAM unique. 

With the all new ADAM, Opel is entering the growing lifestyle A-segment. Short and strong backed, ADAM is almost 3.70 meters long and 1.72 meters wide (excl. mirrors). A funky three-door hatchback, it is perfect for urban environments. Its driving dynamics, however, also shine outside the city thanks to chassis and steering settings that focus on fun and agility. Inside its cabin, ADAM offers seating for four people who benefit from a premium-inspired atmosphere; front passengers enjoy a high degree of roominess unusual for a small car. ADAM’s cockpit too can be individualized according to its owner’s taste with a wide choice of colors, decors, stylish headliners and light effects.

Opel ADAM JAM IntelliLink
Opel ADAM JAM Electronic Climate Control
The Opel ADAM also provides premium technologies from upper segments. The new IntelliLink onboard infotainment system which integrates the owner’s smartphone in the car (Android and Apple iOS) makes it the best connected small car. Other features ideal for ADAM’s natural urban environment are a new generation Park Assist that automatically parks the car, a Side Blind Spot Alert and a power steering system including a “light touch” CITY mode.
Opel ADAM SLAM heated steering wheel and CITY mode button
Opel ADAM SLAM headliner 64 LEDs Starlight
ADAM does not only provide more individuality than its competitors: with a high level of standard equipment, it also offers more car for the money. The entry price for the ADAM with the 51 kW/70 hp 1.2 liter gasoline engine is 11,500 euros (RRP incl. VAT in Germany). Even premium technologies and vast individualization options are affordable. For example the IntelliLink infotainment system is available for just 300 euros extra, and the starlight headliner illuminated by 64 LED lights that create the impression of a starry night sky for only 380 euros.

Lively wheels: ADAM, the newcomer in the small lifestyle car segment
Opel ADAM JAM headliner Clouds & 64 LEDs Starlight
Opel ADAM personalized car key
Opel ADAM headliner Checker Board
ADAM comes at a key moment in Opel’s product offensive. Since 2008, Opel has completely reshaped its model line-up, starting with the flagship Insignia, continuing with its high volume models, and now entering or opening new segments of the market: Ampera (electric car with range extender), Mokka (small SUV), ADAM (fashionable small car) and the future Cascada (mid-size convertible) all are part of the third wave of this vast growth program and contribute to extend Opel’s portfolio.

Currently Opel is particularly strengthening its presence in the A and B segments, which now includes the 3.70 meter long ADAM, the 3.74 meter long Agila, the 4.00 meter long core model Corsa, the 4.28 meter long new Mokka SUV and the 4.29 meter long Meriva. With the introduction of the fashionable ADAM, Opel also rounds off its A-segment offer alongside the 5door Agila. While the Agila convinces with its high level of functionality and its practical strengths, ADAM stands out with its unparalleled individualization potential, muscular design and superior technology. 

Opel ADAM SLAM with OPC Line Pack
Opel expects almost 80 percent of ADAM customers to be private buyers, with more than half of those being new customers. But ADAM will also make a statement as a signature vehicle for companies and businesses: around 20 percent of sales are expected to be in the fleet and commercial sector. Generally, ADAM should attract young and young-at-heart customers of both genders with attitude: they want their car to reflect their individual personality. They place great value on fashion consciousness and individuality; they don’t just follow trends, they also actively create them and so are opinion leaders.

Opel ADAM luggage compartment 50:50 tiltable rear seat backs
Experts predict the lifestyle-orientated sub-segment in which the ADAM is a new contender will continue to grow steadily over the next years. Since 2000, sales of stylish cars of the A-segment (around 3.70 m length) have risen by around 30 percent and of B-segment luxury-oriented cars (around 4.00 m length) by over 110 percent. In 2011 nearly 630,000 units of these trendy cars were registered in Europe, versus 450,000 in 2008. Opel now wants to conquer this growth market with the ADAM. There is an especially high demand for small cars in Italy, which might become ADAM’s largest market. Other main markets for Opel’s new lifestyle small car will be Germany, the United Kingdom, France and the Netherlands.

Made in Germany: From Eisenach to Europe’s roads

The order books for the Opel ADAM have been open since September, and it will arrive at dealerships in early 2013. Noteworthy is the fact that ADAM has not only been developed in Germany – at the International Technical Development Center in Rüsselsheim – but also that it will be produced in Germany. Opel is the only automaker to have made such a decision for a small car, and the Eisenach plant’s high efficiency made it possible. Opel continuously updates the Eisenach facilities to meet the latest standards. A total of 190 million euros were invested in the start of production of the ADAM, 120 million of which went into the plant itself. This included new buildings and new, state-of-the-art production facilities. So soon not only the Corsa, but also the Opel ADAM will roll off the assembly line “Made in Germany” – exclusively in Eisenach.

Opel ADAM assembly in Eisenach

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