Monday, 12 February 2018

Black is Beautiful: Opel Models with Special Style

  • Sporty sophisticated eye-catcher: Opel Astra now in two-tone paintwork with roof, wing mirrors and light alloy wheels in black
  • On trend: Models from Opel Corsa to Mokka X also feature black accents

Sporty, sophisticated, very stylish: Roof, exterior mirrors and light-alloy wheels in black make Opel models such as the Corsa, Astra and Mokka X especially eye-catching. Two-tone color schemes are highly popular.

The Opel Astra is now even more athletic, sophisticated and individual than ever before. For the first time, the successful compact model is also available in two-tone paintwork with the roof, wing mirrors and light alloy wheels in black as an eye-catching contrast to the body colour. The small car all-rounder Opel Corsa and SUV bestseller Opel Mokka X can also be ordered showcasing ‘Black is beautiful’ with the roof, wing mirrors and wheels in optional stylish black accents. Opel thus introduces the trend to individualising exterior car design started by the Opel ADAM into the popular compact class as well as small car and SUV model lines. Last year the Opel Crossland X and recently the Opel Grandland X newcomer just as successfully came to market with the characteristic two-tone paintwork.

Since its launch two years ago, the current Opel Astra generation has impressed with top technologies, digital connectivity, high comfort and above all with its dynamic design. Now it can be even further refined with “Black Roof” trim. This is perfect for Astra drivers who love special style, because the bestseller becomes an unmistakable eye-catcher with its contrasting Onyx black roof and wing mirrors as well as 17-inch light alloy wheels in five-spoke design also in black. This attractive design option is available for the trim lines Astra ON, Dynamic, INNOVATION and Ultimate for an additional cost from €300 (all prices RRP incl. VAT in Germany).

The SUV star Opel Mokka X can also be equipped with the optional black accents. As the Opel Mokka X Colour INNOVATION, it is available with a high-gloss black roof and wing mirrors from €26,375. The 18-inch ten-spoke design tyres gleam in the same shade, underlining the sporty, muscular adventurer’s striking look.

Last but not least the small car all-rounder Opel Corsa is also turned into an elegant attention-getter. As the Opel Corsa Colour Edition, the roof, wing mirrors, grille and 16-inch light alloy wheels in four double-spoke design shimmer in black. On top of the normal Edition trim, aluminium sport pedals, chrome exhaust tailpipe and darkly tinted Solar Protect heat-absorbing glazing in the rear passenger compartment enhance the sporty flair of Opel’s success story for prices starting at €15,045.