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New Opel Astra J OPC

NEW Opel Astra J OPC – Most Powerful Astra Ever

·        Sporty high performance version of Astra GTC with two liter turbo engine
·         206 kW/280 hp, 400 Nm and top speed of 250 km/h
·         Exclusive performance chassis with limited slip differential and Brembo brakes
·         Lightweight high-performance bucket seats with prestigious “AGR” health seal.
The new Opel Astra J GTC is being given a sharper edge: at the Geneva motor show on March 6, 2012, its high performance OPC version (Opel Performance Center) has its world premiere. From spring 2012, the new car crowns Opel’s the racy compact coupé offer. The Astra OPC is powered by a 2.0 liter Direct Injection turbo gasoline engine, with 206 kW/280 hp output and maximum torque of 400 Nm. This power house ensures that the Astra OPC can reach a top speed of 250 km/h. Never before has an Astra been so fast.

The turbocharged four-cylinder engine ensures that the Astra OPC is now the most powerful member of Opel’s compact segment. Both the induction tract and the exhaust system were optimized to get the most out of the engine. The high-performance chassis was also adapted to the power plant. In line with the finest OPC traditions, the car was put through its paces and polished on the Northern Loop (“Nordschleife”) of the Nürburgring race track in Germany. All OPC cars are tested in the “Green Hell” – the nickname given by the British racing driver Jackie Stewart to this part of the track. Not just driving dynamics are pushed to the limit on the world famous race track. No OPC model can be sold to the customer without first passing a 10,000 kilometer endurance test on the Nürburgring. That is equivalent to 180,000 kilometers of driving in normal conditions. Under these extreme conditions the durability of new components can be guaranteed.

High Performance: FlexRide chassis, HiPerStruts and Brembo brakes 
The Astra OPC chassis is geared especially towards lateral dynamics and superb handling qualities. The high tech front-wheel suspension, HiPerStruts (High Performance Struts) of the Astra GTC is the decisive ingredient.
The standard mode puts the vehicle in a high comfort setting, while the special sport mode adds a notable extra in agility. The OPC setting places drivers in a third dimension: steering is more direct, the gas pedal speaks clearly and the chassis turns on to maximum handling.
However, the OPC model goes one major step further: it has been fitted with a mechanical limited slip differential on the front axle. This gives the OPC even more stability and better handling, in other words the car has more grip when exiting bends at high speeds – even in wet conditions. “We have devised a great package that will convince even the most experienced sports drivers – not just on the Nürburgring,” the motorsport legend, Joachim Winkelhock, explains. The high performance brake system on the front axle made by the prestigious manufacturer, Brembo, ensures good deceleration stats and maximum stability, even in moments of intense pressure.

Aggressive Design: High Performance Astra Flexes Its Muscles

 The exclusive body work of the Astra OPC is an expression of pure passion for power and speed. The Astra GTC with its racy edge has so far been the most emotional expression of Opel’s design language but the OPC version flexes its muscles. The OPC is given extra sportiness with a set of specially sculpted front and rear bumpers, side skirts, an aerodynamic roof spoiler and two exhaust tail pipes in a trapeze shape. 20” forged alloy wheels are available and give the Astra OPC a bold appearance.

High-tech Weight Saving Material in Seats

The interior of the new Astra has the typical OPC features such as a leather flat-bottom sports steering wheel with a 360 millimeter diameter and a sporty dashboard. The driver and his co-pilot will be able to benefit from a new high-performance bucket seat with stateof-the art technology that makes its debut in the compact sports coupe segment. The new front seats increase the sporty and dynamic driving experience while providing a lower seating position and enhanced side support.
 OPC engineers used an organic injection molded sheet in the performance seat shell, resulting in a weight saving of 45 percent compared to a conventional shell. The sheet is filled with a composite material of polyamide and fiber glass. The new high performance seat boasts up to 18 different settings. In addition, pneumatically adjustable cushions are available for the flanks of the performance seat. They fit around every body shape and give support from the side at the push of a button. Customers can choose from a fabric/morrocana combination and two other leather covers.

Opel is the first car manufacturer to offer high-performance seats certified by the independent healthy back experts, AGR (“Aktion Gesunder Rücken e.V.”), starting in 2003 with the Signum. The AGR only approves seats with its quality seal that meet its high ergonomic standards. In order to be honored with the AGR seal, the seat has to fulfill a list of ten criteria. They include four-way lordosis support and that the seatback contours adapt exactly to the natural curvature of the spine. The new Astra OPC continues this tradition and brings the only AGR certified seat to the compact sports coupé segment.

OPC: Performance and pure passion
The Opel Performance Center (OPC), responsible for the sporty accents in the Opel model line-up since 1999, is a decisive element in the brand’s profile. It embodies a high level of emotionality and passion for striking design, top-class technology and extraordinary driving dynamics. The vehicles with “OPC” in the model name are positioned as the emotional spearheads of the respective model lines. Current OPC models include the Corsa, 141 kW/192 hp (154 kW/210 hp as Nürburgring-Edition) as well as the Insignia OPC, which is available as a four or five-door sedan and Sports Tourer. The 2.8 liter V6 turbo gasoline engine (239 kW/325 hp) is the most powerful Opel production engine in history. For the “Unlimited” version of the Insignia OPC, maximum speed goes up to 270 km/h (depending on trim and transmission variant).

11. June 2012 UPDATE: Autoexpress UK wrote: ...this is the best VXR model that Vauxhall has ever produced – and a genuine contender for a place at the top of this class.

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