Friday, 23 March 2012

Opel Adaptive Full LED Matrix lighting system - Bright as day

Technology does not stand still and therefore we do not rest on the laurels of AFL +. The next light system is already in the wings or fully integrated into our prototype. The fact that we are the first, we have also confirmed the selected journalists who were experienced in the past two weeks, the new technology on public roads.
The Revolution: The so called matrix LED light beam system is standard. Due to the intensity and distribution of light at night you have the feeling of driving in daylight. Now you might think: high beam than standard ? Since the other road users have to laugh at nothing. Far from it. With the new lighting technology, the beam will always be set free of glare and automatically adjusted depending on the traffic situation. The LED matrix light works namely in conjunction with the Opel front camera. When the sensors detect the camera or oncoming vehicles ahead, individual LEDs selectively disable and hide the other road users automatically. The environment will remain lit. As a director of automotive lighting technology, I can confirm that until now had to give way at any single validation an oncoming vehicle flasher, because the driver had the feeling dazzled, too.The system worked very beginning of the series development phase proper and trouble free.
The Benefits: The intelligent LED matrix light we make night driving safer, more relaxed and comfortable. Pedestrians, animals and other objects are detected much earlier. In each light segment there are four light sources, resulting AFL 16 different possible combinations per headlight. The transitions between the 256 different attitudes are fluid.

Since we only use LED lamps, energy efficiency is significantly higher than for HID (Xenon) or halogen lamps. In plain language: The new lighting system consumes only half the energy of conventional bulbs. The light matrix concept is introduced in the coming years to expand to the Opel model lines.

   For comparison: Active high beam blinded the front car.

The trick: LED Matrix lights allows the front car to let go in a 'dark tunnel', although the high beam is activated.

The same example with oncoming traffic: High beam blinds the oncoming car.

Thanks to the Matrix LEDs, the oncoming traffic pass undazzled.

But thanks to 'Opel Eye' camera is car recognized and the driver in front of the active despite high beams is not blinded.

The LED Matrix light emit very bright and cold beams, and the front car here certainly disturb...

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